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Weekly Undulating Periodization?

Hey all, first post on here. I’m definitely at a weird in between phase of my lifting career. For the first time in a long time I have no setbacks or things keeping me out of the gym for the foreseeable future.
I started resistance training and conditioning in my sophomore year of high school into spring of my senior year. Didn’t really have any idea what I was doing hence i had a couple strength coaches in that time.
I had been training for tennis. I got very fast and greatly improved my explosiveness and speed with pretty much zero strength/muscle development in my upper body. After the season was over, my dad no longer wanted to be paying 200 bucks a month for the service I got. Many months pass. Did some sprint work here and there, continued with my sport casually. Subsequently Ran a half marathon in October. And then November 1st I decided to join a YMCA and soak up all I could about lifting on the internet with the intention of strength. I was mentored by a powerlifter who was working there at the time and I got my conventional deadlift to 315, squat 295 and bench 155. (Still really didn’t give a flying fuck about my upper body really :joy:)

About 3 weeks after my deadlift PR I decide to go on a rock climbing date with my girlfriend at the time. Here you take turns belaying each other up the various walls at the gym…
Long story short, she lost control of the rig and I fell 20 feet on my ass. X-Rays checked out fine but I had a sore back for a good 3 weeks.

After those 3 weeks were up, I began a backpacking trip lasting for 75 days hiking 700 miles.

I made sure to maintain my weight for the duration of the trip, and I still felt strong.

Directly after I worked at a summer camp till August where I attempted to mimic deadlifting, squatting, and benching as well as a ton of leg work in the form of sprints and other drills.

After a 9 month or so hiatus, I was finally able to hit the gym again. I took about a week to ramp back into some tight ass form which I was surprised I could maintain.
A week after I pulled 325 with no issues. Squat was at about 245 and bench didn’t move.

But I definitely still had some back issues that I had to address.
I had realized it was merely anterior pelvic tilt, which remedied the pain completely.

I now workout pain free (s305x5 b175x5 d355x5 ohp 125x4)

Where do I go from here? Do I need to train intermediate? Or still beginner/novice?

This is my current split that I have thought up (3x per week) (A/B/A + B/A/B)

Front Squat 5x5 (+5lbs per week)
Bent Over Row 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Face Pull 3-5x15

Sumo Deadlift 5x5 (Much more comfortable but now I can definitely get back into conventional)
OHP 5x5
Pull-Up 5x5
Face Pull 3-5x15

First, get away from the idea of beginner/intermediate/advanced training. It’s a millstone and has little meaning. Just train effectively, basing your programming on principles (which takes a little experimenting, thought and reflection, but that’s good for you).

Practically, you’d probably do better with more volume, especially on your assistance and a sensible progression model. Something like 5/3/1 would be a decent place to start, and I hear that the new book is amazing. Paul Carter’s Base Building also looks really good.


Are you getting into powerlifting?

Not necessarily. I am trying to build strength in those 4 compound lifts as well as overall fitness, running speed and muscle.

Isn’t 531 a low volume program?

No. It is a method with different volume/frequency/intensity variations. Most of the valid ones are made by the man himself.

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