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Weekly Tonnage/Total Volume for Upper and Lower?


How much tonnage/total volume should a lifter aim for on a weekly basis for his upper and lower body?
Currently, for my lower body, I aim for at least 40,000lbs a week and for my upper body, I’ve aiming for at least 30,000lbs a week. Is there a ratio for upper to lower? I always felt that lower should be way higher than upper.


No one can tell you that accurately… Depends on your strength. Compound vs issometric. How heavy you are going. If your looking for strength, size, maintaining strength while leaning out (more common at lower weights but I think everyone could benifit once in a while). Ect.

If you want to see a proportioned out high volume powerlifting routine I suggest you look at like the sheiko program and steal some of his ideas for your own routine


I deadlift once a week and bench/squat twice as far as main lift goes. I’m sure my lower body lifts more total pounds over the week considering I rep out my bench max Everytime I squat. I tend to do more upper body accessory though so it may wash out


It’s impossible to give an arbitrary number for how much volume you should be able to handle, and especially not if you use tonnage. Intensity will greatly affect how much volume you can handle, if you are working with 60% then you will be able to do a lot more than you would with 90+. Also, proximity to failure. A max effort set will take a lot more out of you than triples with 70%. Better to count either sets (if you normally go close to failure) or total reps if most of your volume is submaximal.

This video is long, but nothing else will give you a better answer: