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Weekly Rant: September 8

Ok, so im sure this has been mentioned many times before, however my rant this week is that Public Gyms suck!

Yesterday I noticed this guy that looked like he spent an hour getting dressed in his “workout” clothes. Complete with a bucket hat, his silver chain outside his shirt w/ cutoff sleeves and the icing on the cake, a puffy ski vest in which he took off and hung at every machine he used…

Now I ask myself, who are they trying to impress? If I was a girl, or even gay, seeing this guy would make me laugh… its quite pathetic… ok thats all for this week…

Rant over…
Until next week…

Nothing worse or more laughable than a wannabe ‘playa’ in the gym. They should screen them at the door.

screen them at the door. hell, have a ‘bouncer’ at the door… it would make the joker feel more comfortable.


funny rant, make em daily!

The guy at the Y, who loaded the benchpress with a hefty 15lbs on each side, proceeded to stradle the bench, and began doing wrist curls. WRIST CURLS ON THE BENCH PRESS.

Fella…people lay their heads there. Yet another reason to bring a towel on chest/back days.

This is my rant.

I see nothing wrong with doing wrist curls on the bench press as long as no one else needs to use the bench. I have done it many times.

Hrmm… I’m guilty of doing barbell wrist curls on the bench. I sit at the foot of the bench, though.