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Weekly Progression Possible?

Can you make weekly progression when you only do every lift (bench,press,dead,squat) once a week?

I want to add 5 pounds to all my lifts after every week, but I feel this may be hard when I only bench once a week.

I only did each lift once per week and I have made gains for the last 3 months consistently. I have recently switched to a slower progression (5/3/1) for a variety of reasons, but I imagine I could have kept the gains going for a few more months.

Starting strength has you increasing squats 15-30lbs a week, and 10-15 on upper body lifts per week, so 5lbs/week is a reasonable expectation as long as your recovery is good. Just pick a good routine that fits your schedule and follow it, there are plenty of linear programs that work well.

Are you asking if you only literally once a week perform only the squat bench and deadlift on one day aweek or what.

Stop asking questions and just go lift already.

[quote]Chris87 wrote:
Stop asking questions and just go lift already.[/quote]


And yes. You can also probably progress every single session if you do those lifts 2-3x a week. I’d be very very surprised if you couldn’t add 15-30lbs a week to your squat in the first month or two of lifting.

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