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Weekly Progress on 5/3/1

Sorry for posting so many threads about 5/3/1 lol, I’ll calm down with them after this one. I was thinking about using the formula found in the 5/3/1 book this one: weight lifted x reps x .0333 + weight lifted to set PR’s on a weekly basis, is this a good idea? Also if the only way I can reach the PR is by hitting failure should I go for it?

Are you asking if it’s okay to do something that was written exactly for the purpose of answering this kind of question?

have you thought about lifting weights to set PRs? maybe im just understanding incorrectly what you wrote out.

are you asking if its ok to reset your max based up on weekly PRs? if so, this is covered in the books and the answer is no. you do NOT reset your [training or meet] max each week or at the end of a cycle. you only reset after you fail on the minimum reps for a certain lift.