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Weekly Flux

I did some searching to try to find an answer with no luck…

I’ve been on TRT for about 7 months and feel fantastic. I dose 160 mg Test Cyp weekly and my most recent labs were pretty good. My total test prior directly prior to my weekly shot was 964 ng/dl (free test of 28). My estradiol was a bit low - 10.1 (on an AI that might have to dial back a bit).

My question - if I am at 964 a week after my shot (and the furthest point prior to getting a new shot), what is a typical fluctuation in test levels. How high (and when) would you peak on a weekly cycle. I assume Thursday is likely my peak day, but am unsure what a typical fluctuation looks like. If it is impossible to say (for example, it’s totally different for everyone), then sorry for the dumb question. If you can give some general ranges though, it’s just one of those things I’ve been curious about.

Thanks for your time / knowledge…

I have little data to back, but I would think anywhere from 3-400 points would be possible. That is likely you getting you over the top of the normal range. If you’re just doing one shot a week, you would likely see better results (and feel better) by dividing your dosage into 2 seperate shots split evenly. You might even be able to drop your dose some. For example, I’m on 120mg/wk and take 60 on Mondays and Thursdays. Some guys even go every 3 days (divided evenly as well).

Most of what you want to know is in the stickies. Contributors will not spoon feed you the info that is there. Please read the stickies and come back with more info and questions.

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  • thyroid basics – yes you
  • protocol for injections

Changing AI dose:

  • labs suggest that you cut dose by 50%
  • AI dose needs to match serum T levels
  • Your serum T levels change a lot
  • Labs are a snap shot and have limited value when your levels are all over the map
  • After 7 days, FT levels are dropping and you become AI dominant with low E2
  • AI dose can never be optimized
  • inject more often as catfish suggests