Weekly Dosages and 1ml Glass Vials

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I’ve seen a few cycle dosage recommendations that don’t really seem feasible unless you can either a) Throw away half a vial, or b) reusing a vial - but I don’t know if that’s “safe”.

For example, say i want to do 300mg of test a week, but my vials are single-use 1ml vials of 200mg of test. Am I supposed to take half an ml every other day and throw the rest to the trash, or am I supposed to find a way to cover the vial and use the other half in two days?

What do you guys normally do? Of course I could also just take 200mg every 4 days for a weekly total of a similar amount, I just wanted to understand what the norm is.

For example, if you’re doing Tren A, you can’t really do weekly shots, it’s at most every 3rd day. So if I’m trying to be on the low end at 50mg every 3rd day, same q as above.

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As long as the needle you insert through the septum is sterile, then yes it’s fine to reuse vials. Be sure to wipe the surface with 70% isopropyl alcohol afterwards and then again before inserting a new sterile needle to draw on a different day. While I’m at it, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly beforehand as well. Store the vial so that it’s exposed to ambient air as little as possible.

Also, are you going to run tren on your first cycle?

First cycle was:

Week 1-4: Test C 250mg/week
Week 5-8: Test C 400mg/week
Week 8-14: Test C 400mg/week, Deca 200mg/week

I will now be off now for about 8 weeks (on week 4, no PCT unless i feel like trash, and I still feel good).

Cycle 2 will likely be the same, but i was considering dropping to 300mg of test (my Estradiol was 91, so borderline high, but no gyno), in favor of 100mg/week of Tren A.

I’m just not sure what I can use to store this, as it’s not resealable. Maybe use plastic wrap to avoid air? It’s going to be sharp on the top edge when you break it.

Ah, they’re ampules. You could use a larger (e.g. a 10-mL syringe) to store the contents of a few of the ampules for later use. Simply backfill the syringes you use to inject. Store the large storage syringe uptight so it doesn’t leak, and keep sterile by cleaning the needle with IPA.

I’m assuming that you know what you’re getting yourself into with tren use…

This is pretty wild. Am I reading it correct?

It is kind of. But I’d figure that if PCT dosages are dependent on your cycle and individual’s response, that maybe if my system kickstarts natural production in its own, it’s not necessary to help it.

I imagine that once I’m at my n-th cycle, my system just won’t be able to do it alone, and I’ll do my HCG then.

Sex drive is still there, look-wise I’m “down” but I also lost a 4-5lbs of water weight alone. I want to keep my cards in hand until I really need to play them.

Store it in a sterile vial. You can buy them online

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@lordgains @iron_yuppie @mnben87 i don’t think I’m qualified to help, but I feel like someone should lol

Sounds good. I’ll buy some sort of plastic container to store the syringe, and swap out the needle after every application.

Essentially I could apply what you suggested with the 1ml or 2ml syringe. Add the full 1ml ampule to the syringe, apply the 0.3ml, or 0.5ml as needed, swap out the needle, and then store the remaining. Apply the other half until done, and then use a new syringe every week or so.

I wouldn’t do this either. Stuff from inside your body can get back inside the syringe. You can buy 10-20ml sterile vials online and transfer it all in there.

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Thanks, I don’t know why I didn’t consider this.

Just to be clear, that means grabbing 10 1ml ampules and transferring them via a syringe to the sterile 10ml vial. Then whenever I need to do my shot, I’d just use a new syringe to get the 0.5 or 0.3ml I need.

Did I get that right?

And you know I’m 100% doing PCT if I jump on the Tren Ace Train :warning::warning::warning:

It should be fine. I’ve never messed with ampules so I’d wait till someone else chimes In.

You should have been doing them all along. Your cycle layouts are very weird, and the fact that you’re only using a PCT for tren is weird as well. Most don’t seem to recommend 19-nors for PCT guys. Which technically you’re not since you’ve been skipping them.

I feel like this is a train wreck and you should step away from the needle until you read some more stuff about what you’re doing.

Thanks either way, I feel like transferring from the ampule to the vial is a decent option.

And thank you for the concern on the PCT protocol or lack there of. I know you mean well!

As I mentioned, my motto is to use as least as possible, and I mean that from an Anabolics, AIs, PCT and other pharma compounds - perspective.

My estrogen got a little high because I’m not using AIs. I didn’t mind because I didn’t get gyno, and a little water fluff on a bulk is alright. Not to mention AIs mess with your HDL, so I’d rather avoid them as much as possible.

My PCT is essentially in place, as I am completely off all Anabolics for 8 weeks minimum, and I will get blood work done then to see where my markers are and go again.

If I felt like I suddenly had a crash from an energy, mood, sex-drive, or other perspective, I’d certainly start doing some Hcg ED or EOD, but I feel like my body’s got it without help so far.

At the end of the day, PCT is just to kickstart your own production of Test, and indirectly to give your body a break from such large volumes of exogenous hormones.

If I did Tren, I’d probably be stuck with PCT at the end of that cycle simply because Tren A is a big boy drug. And the PCT isn’t really on a per drug basis, you’d just gauge how much you need based on how much/long you were on and how many compounds you mixed.

What does your PCT look like

It’s just this:

Sorry If I wasn’t clear, but what I mean is my PCT is just going “completely off” anabolics for now. No HCG, no Clomid, no Nolvadex, nothing of the sorts. I will introduce these on my next cycles, based on increased dosage (if any), or based on learnings from blood panels.

I could also just do some bloodwork at Week 4 being off (exactly on Wednesday), and if my Estradiol is still at 90, but my Test is on the floor (say under 300), then a) I’ll learn what that “feels”/“looks” like next time, and b) I’ll start on 1,000 IUs of HCG EOD.

I’m not trying to be a close-minded dude, I just want to learn to read my body, and act accordingly.

Here is something i call logic - Nowdays, everything comes in different forms and shapes. If 1ml ampules do not fit your plans, DONT buy friggin 1ml ampules. Am i right? No? You can buy 10ml multi use vials of stuff and have all your problems solved just like that. I havent seen stuff that does not also come in multi-use vials nowdays. Its not 80s in USSR when all you you had was 2 drugs and they were in a shit package, like deca that was 50mg/ml and came in 2ml ampoules.

But if logic is not cool for you, and you want to complicate the shit out of your life, heres extra 2 ideas you can do :

1)Buy an empty multi use vial, and just put all your 1ml stuff in it, then draw as much as you want.
2)Just draw the left over in a different syringe and leave it for next time.

Hey Hank, thanks for the prompt response.

As you may know, there are a lot of underground labs that produce these drugs, some being more reliable than others. What I was told by my Doctor was to not trust the lower-priced, 10ml vials. Of course, he is probably not the most avid steroid user himself, so he may not know better, but I imagine he is trying to compare the presentations to those of renowned pharma such as Pfizer’s Test C, which only comes in either 100mg/ml, or 200mg/ml.

I will definitely do some research with local suppliers and see if I can get some recommendations on high volume vials of these drugs.

Yes, dont trust something very low priced, but there are tons of companies that do 10ml and are not even low priced. Some cost more than regular 1ml vials. And there are also companies that do BOTH 1ml and 10ml, because its always a prefference. I really like 10ml vials, because you are free to take different doses, and because i like small doses, i usually use half a ML of eveything.

What im saying is - its not like there are only 5 companies. There are more like houndreds and there are lots of options of 10mls… Nowdays its just SO EASY because there are so many choices…

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Just preload your next syringe. Don’t multiuse a syringe with a different needle. This increase the chance for infection. Load your current syringe with what you need and if there is any extra load a second syringe for next use in which you can add to it from the next ampule. I don’t recommend leaving syringes preloaded for extended periods but you should be using it within a weeks time right?

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Absolutely. For test C it will likely be half an ampule EOD (350/week total), so the next shot would only be lying there unused for 48 hours tops.

If I ventured into Tren A, that would be 1/3 of an ampule M/W/F (100 mg total), so the second shot would be unused for 48 hours, and the third shot would be unused for 96 hours.

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