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Weekends Only Workouts


I am in a position where for the next month or so I can only get a workout in on Saturday and Sunday. What I did this week was what I was going to try and stick with, just rotating the exercises:

Example Upperbody:

Bench 3 sets of singels, drop weight, 3 sets of triples, drop weight 3 sets of 6, etc. .... until I was at a weight I could handle for about 12-15 reps.

I did this for Rows and my vanity movement of the day, Bicep Curls. Whatever time was left did forearms, tricep work (naturally big here, dont require much), etc.

I ended up doing a lot of volume and felt pretty fried.

My idea here is that if I can only workout twice a week and on the weekends, then pick big movements, start heavy but move lighter so I can get the volume of work, and attempt to create as much protein damage as possible so that I really need a week for recovery.

Primary goals: maintain with SOME gains in strength and size.

Diet: Moderataly clean - 4-5 meals a day.

Thoughts from the board? Other suggestions for limited workout time?

Also, the rest of the week I'm going to do some GPP/BW stuff at home.


you gonna have a leg day in there?i'd do legs saturday and upper sunday,cause you're probably gonna need sunday to learn how to walk again if you're doing that many reps....

and let me be the first to suggest a firemans carry for your leg day :slight_smile:


I did upper on Saturday, Lower on Sunday. My thoughts where two primary movements each week. For instance, this week was:

Upper: Bench, Rows
Lower: Squats, Leg Curls

Next Week
Upper: Press, Pullups
Lower: Leg Press, RDL

I clearly 'feel' the damage to the tissue, but we all know that does not mean growth has occured. Any thoughts on what the impact would be based on the loads/volume of work I would be doing?