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Weekends on the AD?


I'm starting out on the anabolic diet and it's not totally clear to me what to eat on weekends. do you keep protein intake low? do you mix carbs and fats in the same meal? would a bag of chips count as a meal? what about sugars? you keep fat intake low?


Do you have the anabolic diet/solution book? Dr. D is pretty informative on what are good foods to eat. If you don't have it then it would benefit you greatly to buy it(check ebay) for the information of the do's and don'ts, hows and whys.


no i don't ebay doesn't have it and its sold out at amazon. can you get it as an ebook?


I don't think it's totally clear to you about the whole diet. What do you mean "keep" protein intake low. Your protein intake should never be low, just lower than your fat intake by the proper %. Fat+carb meal is the quickest way to put on pounds of lard.

A bag of chips would count as a meal going straight to the fat deposits in your body, not as a proper meal. Again, it is a fat+carb combo. On your refeed days (for you, the weekend, for others, they have adjusted it), eat protein+carb meals. Things like oats, brown rice, tuna, sliced turkey, chicken, steak, pasta.

Eat your simple sugars after a workout and later into the night, keep your complex carbs for during the daylight. Have one fat+protein meal that you usually eat during the day to keep some fats in there.