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Weekend Tren


Since the active life of tren ace is less than three days, could it be taken only on weekends? Tren is great for strength, but I can't deal with the sides. I'm wondering if, along with a regular cycle, taking one big dose of tren friday night would be productive and safe. It doesn't aromatize so there wouldn't be an estrogen peak.

Similar idea to PWO dbol. Speaking of which, how is letro dose adjusted for PWO dbol?


What? Why would you do this on Friday. You would still spike the tren level in your system if you take "one big dose" and probably have sides from that alone. Taking some dbol preworkout is much different than taking tren on friday night.

I still don't get why friday night ... you want to go out and fight people or something while you're drinking at the bar?


I want to get some of the benefits of tren without having the insomnia and cramping issues during the week. I would say tren ace PWO, but I don't think that would work. Maybe tren no ester would be a good PWO supplement. I think you can de-esterfy tren with a weak base, but I'm not sure.


Also I would think tren would start working as soon as active blood levels are reached, since it's a class I. Opposed to a class 2 steroid where the drug needs time to push glycogen into muscle cells.


I believe the best way to get around tren sides is to combine it with low dose test and maintain STABLE LEVELS I.E. ED injections.

that is what worked for me...1 gram of tren a week with 125mg of test a week, only night sweats.


Just use masteron.


Is 350 per week enough? Mast is expensive.


Mast is cheaper than tren!?