Weekend post 2 - going without

Not the most tantalising OT topic but how about a thread on age, age of your first sexual encounter, and whats the longest period without sex. Is that the phone ringing …

17 now, 16, 17 years. no its not.

Dre…I was 17 my first time…with a 25 year old Swedish au-pair I met at my job. She lived on my bosses property in a trailer, and we spent the entire summer with her teaching me the romantic arts. She did a damn good job also because I have never had any complaints LOL! Unfortunatly, she was also my first love. She left to return to Sweden one day…and I didn’t know. Just found all the gifts I had given her on the coffee table in the trailer…wih a card that said she would miss me…she broke my heart in a big way…she was my first kiss…first time…first love…and she just disappeared one day…took me a while to get over that one. As far as the longest time going without…THIS IS IT YOU ROTTEN BASTARD!!! It is gonna be a DAMN long time til Christmas!!!

age: 21 years. longest time without sex: 21 years, unless you count sisters: I’m from Alabama.

Dre, man, where do you find the time to start all these threads?

An answer would depend on your definition of sex … after all an ex-president deemed that oral action isn’t sex.

15, 14, 14 damn phones. . .

68, 13, three months twenty-one days, 4 hours, 27 minutes and nksfasdfwegetyerfatbutt off the keyboardwoman.,msd32lkj,m asdflkj asdfa jklas;fd sadfjkl; asdflkj; scratch that last answer, make it four minutes and 11 seconds.

Dre, you’ve got too much time on your hands, bro…!

I’m 24, I was 19 my first time, and since then I went four weeks without after each of my two daughters were born (it’s a requirement).What phone? I don’t here the phone . . .

Damn, my first time was in the backseat of a Ford Mustang before most of you were born! As for going without sex: not too damn long!! My wife and I were just imagining creative ways to have sex in wheelchairs last night (musta been the red wine).

26, 21, 17 months. nope, no phone.

I get it every day because I am the man. Women can’t keep their hands off of me. It’s actually quite tiring. Or sometimes I pretend one of my hands is a chick, then when I’m done, I kick it off the bed.

13 years now.

I was 16 the first time and became a sexaholic. I don’t even want to say how long it’s been for me lately. Let’s just say I’m a born again virgin. If we’re talking oral sex, I’ve had that, but as for straight humping…I don’t even think I know how to do it anymore!

Things should be changing very soon. As I have three interested parties at this time. So if all goes well, I’ll get back to my crazy doggy-style days of hella humping! And maybe I’ll even get a piece of poontang pie from all three of these ladies…and maybe more! Isn’t it interesting how it’s all or nothing? Either I have a few people interested at one time, or no one at all. Very interesting. I think summer has something to do with it. Women seem to get a bit hornier when the weather becomes hotter! It’s all good with me! :wink:

31 now. I was 16, she was an 18-year-old Mexican girl I met while on vacation with my 2 buddies in Acapulco. We rented a crappy hotel room and literally did it non-stop until the sun came up. (Man, those were the days!) From then until I was 18 I just could not get laid for the life of me. After that everything has been fine.

51 years old at present, 19 at first time with woman who became my wife. We separated 5 years ago and divorced 2 years ago. Aint had it in any shape or form for 7 years now. Sex to me (old fashioned as it my seem) is akin to love. No love-no sex. I’m sure the chicks out there will understand that!! John

LOL - just got back and that was some funny reading. Lost mine at 17 and asked cause I just broke a 3-4 month drought (I wasnt counting days Raf but that was pretty funny). Never went more that a week or so from 17-29 but I was starting to feel the born again virgin syndrome like you Nate (Im told you can technically requalify as a virgin after a certain period ;)). BTW nate, we all do it in a different way not so dont go trying none of that 90s sex on the ladies ;)) Still LOL about the phone comments. Whopper - hate to say it man but after a few weeks you really dont miss it as much which is good but I sort of get to worrying if the whole thing will suffer from lack of use so I try to exercises it daily. Like I said, my friends call me popeye.

I can officially say the drought has ended. I am no longer a born-again virgin! And DAYUM, I am sore as hell right now! I haven’t felt like this in a long time! I need to get in better shape for “humping.” Maybe I need to get some Tribex! So last night was a good night. Looking forward to many more! Oh how sweet it is! :wink: