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Weekend Only Workouts

For the next few months, I will be in a situation where I can only hit the gym on Saturday, Sunday, and maybe Friday night.

All other workouts will have to be BW (pushups, etc).

For people who have been in the situation, what are your thoughts on a workout schedule? 2-3 full bodys back to back, different rep ranges? Push,pull, legs, super High volume?

I have read CT’s part time beast, and seen some other post and reviewed. Just wanting to know others experience.

Main goal would be to maintain, maybe put on some mass.

I have 2 hours each day.

I have 20 years in the gym, and a high tolerance for work and load.

I would do 3 full body workouts.

lower body: fronts squats, deadlifts (conventional and sumo stance), and olympic lift hybrids like the power clean, calve presses (bent and straight leg)

upper body: overhead press, flat bench, dips

upper body: pullups, high rows to upper chest, shoulder width grip chinups

three days would be optimal because you could pick one of each excercise. on the third day i would do olympic lifting: powerclean followed by front squat, followed by push press. You can add supplemental arm work in the form of curls and extensions on that day. idealy you want to perform antagonist movements in the same plane of motion so you would do the flat bench with the high row.

you need to eat a lot of clean calories above your maintenance level on the days you train. how is your supplement regimen. I would definitely recommend some type of anabolic support on the training days and at least 1 day after your sunday workout to help you recover (if you can afford it).

You will need to experiment to see what your body can handle and how you respond in terms of volume and intensity. The good thing is even if you try to overtrain you will have 4.5 days to recover. I would utilize the full 2 hours you have in each session and i would take 3 minute rests between high intensity sets. laters pk

Good feedback, thanks.

I am going to try Each Day:

Push, Pull, Quads, Hips
15 min each. 1 Exercises

20 min on bach body parts (arms or shoulders)

10 min calves, forearms

Day 1: 3-5 rep range
Day 2: 1-12 rep range
Day 3: 6-8 rep range

Use High Tension tactics (dropsets, partials, etc) only on beach body workouts and very sparingly.

Push: Push Press, Dips, Bench
Pull: Rows, Chins/Pulls, U-Rows
Quad: dead, front, Back
Hips: Power Cleans, Stiffs, GM

Each week rotate the exercises so that each exercise gets the rep range over a 3 week period.

Traditionally I have not used supplements (protein powder = food), will take advice on anabolic support (been wanting to try the new Alpha Male)