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Weekend Only Workout

My work schedule is shifting to 4, 11 hour days M-Th. I have 3 kids and the likely hood of getting to the gym before or after work is minimal. My goals are exactly what the title of this thread is, Bigger, Stronger, Leaner. I can probably squeeze in some 20 minute ancillary work and/or cardio once or twice throughout the week I’m sure. I will have plenty of time on the weekends to get in nice long workouts to hopefully make up for the gap in the rest of the week. Any good training recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

If you get to rest 4 days in a row every week, I’d personally just pick any 3 day a week program and run it 3 days in a row. It’s not the most ideal, but you’ll get enough rest.

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Sounds painful but good. Maybe a full body workout with a push emphasis, then leg emphasis then pull emphasis?

I would do 3 full body workouts myself, but your mileage may vary.

Sometimes avoiding regression is progress.


Disregard life. Train thrice a day, eat, nap, eat, sleep lel

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Wendler’s got a 531 template for weekend-only training, you could probably adapt it for 3 consecutive days

I’m not sure how much you’d get out of your third of the 3 full body workout in a row suggested unless you made the middle one something of an active recovery based session. Equally It’s all well and getting as much work in as you can but if you’re then crippled for the first few days of work it seems like a bit of a false economy.

I think the push/pull/legs approach sounds good personally.

I dunno; it is something I have pulled off in a jam many times. Actually did 4 in a row last time. Different movements help. Make day 1 squat press and back, day 2 deads bench and back and then day 3 similar to day 1. Use different percentages to disperse the load.

Never ended up crippled for days as a result. I actually get that way from INFREQUENT training rather than frequent.


@T3hPwnisher fair enough, I was going on assumption not experience so I’d defer to you on the point. It’ll no doubt have different effects on different lifters. There’s really only one way of finding out isn’t there!

Thanks guys. I’m used to high frequency training. I did the 30 day mass plan which is the same movement patterns daily and then attempted to do “The fastest way to get jacked” on Thibarmy but my busy schedule couldn’t handle it after 2 weeks. So 3 or 4 days in a row won’t kill me. I appreciate all of the input.