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Weekend Only Workout Days?

The only days I have time to workout during the week is Saturday and Sunday because I have swim practice and homework on the weekdays. Could I use the 2 day workout article?

it looks like your doing a squat variation the first day and then the next day a deadlift variation that might not work so great but yeah I guess you could do it

if I was you I would try to work out two times each day

like so



this way you would have quite a bit of more energy to devote to each muscle group

I think this will lead to more PR’s aswell than a full body workout because in all reality who can shoulder press thier 10RM after they just got done benching thier 10RM

just my opinion tho

I don’t believe you don’t have time. I believe you don’t care enough to MAKE the time.

Weekends won’t do much. Add 2 more days, make them quick and intense.

Heck, you took the time to post this on a weekday. Go do some pushups.

Seriously. Drop and give me 20, right now.