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Weekend of Glutton


Hey all,
This is kind of a random post but I am very excited about an idea that my brother and I have. We both train extremely hard and have been dieting very strictly for months in preparation for a trip to Cancun (spring break).

However, in Cancun we are attempting to gorge ourselfs in the most glutton filled weekend of all-time. Since we will be staying at all inclusive resort, our motto is eat whatever you want whenever you want for the entire long weekend. That means if you wanna eat 20 receses cups for breakfast then by god have 20 receses cups.

In fact, we are packing an entire bag full of food that we haven't ate for years (think cookie dough, candy bars, ho-ho's, fudge rounds, PB by the jar). Anyways, has anyone out there ever experimented with an all out glutton fest of this magnitude? If so, any good ideas/stories? :slight_smile:


yeah,I usaully do it when I'm bulking.


I have gotten to the point that I honestly can't eat something that is just 100% worthless to my physique goals.

If I'm going for gluttony, I at least need something that I can twist around in my head enough to say "well, fattening or not, at least it has some protein that will help my muscles grow." Think Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Wings, hey, even a milkshake has some milk in it, right?

It's just stuff that's pure sugar and fat like donuts, ho-ho's, twinkies, etc., that I can't convince myself to eat.

But anyway, yes, probably once or twice a month I have a "gluttony" day full of just a crapload of calories. My workout the next day is almost always the best one I've had in a while...


A week long fest like this probably isn't the best idea. If you've been eating clean for a long time, and then eat like crap you will immediately have issues with cramping, bloating, gas, etc. All of the things that might make your Cancun trip not much fun, not to mention the water down there. I would splurge, but ease into it to see how it treats you. I would eat the crap in the morning to, and not late in the day. Give your body a chance to digest before you sleep.

Also- wouldn't it be better the get your empty calories on alcohol than snack food?


Honeslty... I wouldnt go too crazy. After a strict diet you will be prime to rebound and gain to some weight right back. I don't really see the fascination with gorging like that, it can set you back weeks if you do it to an insane magnitude.


Ohhh do not worry there will be plently of alcohol comsumption too. Dont get me wrong - this is not a 96 hour candy-eating feast; we plan on eating plently of foods w/ nutritional value - pizza, pasta, meat, ect. Just wanted to indulge in some of the foods that are usually "forbidden" so we are bring a suitcase full of them.


Hell I say live it up then. If you've been training hard enough, you'll probably be surprised at how well you recoup when you get back.


Just Have fun. drink hard, eat crazy, and do lots of hotties. Dont even worry the consequences(just dont do anything illegal or at least dont get caught.)and you can work off any sloppy weight gain(if any) when you get back. Dont forge a couple box's of rubber and no oral, they might be hot as hell but you dont want to wake up with something stange down there or around/in your mouth.

Party hard,



I do this once or twice a year. The last time was superbowl.

-2 Feet of Italian Grinder
-4 Bowls of Pasta Fagioli
-Hot dog, no bun though because I didn't want to get fat
-2 pieces of spinach bread
-Large bag of hot n' spicy chex mix
-Nachos with steak and chicken
-Topped it off with a sundae

The only reason I remember all of this is because my girlfriend kept track and sent it out to everyone that was at the party via email.

This started an hour before and ended about a half hour afterwards.

I basically didn't have empty hands the whole time. Probably not the best idea, but it is fun....until the next morning.

But I don't think I would ever do it on a spring break trip.


I don't remember what I ate in Cancun. I was too drunk. College spring break is not about eating to me at all. It's about copious amounts of alcohol, sun, and pulling hot chicks. It's conceivable that I did not eat at all that entire week


If your travelling out of the country, be careful. Customs sometimes has very strict regulations on food products being imported, even if its for personal consumption.


I like to eat crazy every so often. The most recent bout was recently. I was in New York and just got a great summer clerkship with a judge on the spot after the interview. I went out with some buddies living there for dinner at a great steakhouse to celebrate and went to town. Steak, all the sides, a couple beers. After taking the train back to phila, I stopped for cheesteaks with some other people. Then we went out for a night of drinking. Then, if I remember correctly, we went to Lorenzo's for pizza after the bars closed.