Weekend Jail Time

well i got busted for my 2nd dui within 5 years. i’ve gotta pull 10 days so 5 weekends. pretty shitty considering i’m only 20 years old. maybe i learned my lesson this time…hell probably not. but anyway do you guys have any advice on nutrition for the weekdays that I wont be locked up? I’m currently in a bulking phase and get about 5150 calories per day. How much should I up the cals through the weekdays. And any advice on extra workouts that I could get while being bored as hell in jail? Maybe AA is the answer.

consider raping the other inmates for their fruit snacks, beware of large black men named nasty nate however

I’ve got an idea - stop bloody DUIing! I’ve had one relative killed by a drunk driver, he was the same age as you, and that’s enough. Sorry dude, I understand you want to keep your cycle up, but someone had to say something, so why not me?

dude your a bastard to come here and expect advice if you ask me, my mom was killed in a car driven by a drunk driver, u need a lot more than that wat you are getting, this is serious shit.

I got arrested two weeks ago in South Beach and had to spend the night in Dade County jail. If ya’ don’t know ya’ betta ax somebody…Even worse was that I was wearing only my baggies, no shirt, and had to be issued prison flip-flops ( still got em as a souvenir)! BTW if you’ve never been, jail is freezing cold.
I was having a great day on the beach, HOT topless women everywhere who all seemed to want a piece of Big Drew, a few (too many) drinks at the Clevelander while I was floating in the pool…Then on the way back to the truck I got into an argument with this guy. Well I looked away for a second and he popped me in the mouth and took off. I was like “Hey, he hit me!” and tore off after him with my buddy right behind me. It was quite a scene. We’re on Ocean Drive, yes that Ocean Drive, the one from the travel channel, this guy screaming " Help, Help me somebody, HEEEELLLLPP!" and me and my friend weaving in and out of traffic bare-chested chasing him. These cops just sort of appeared and I thought great, they’ll get this asshole for hitting me. Not the case. This kid gets some of his friends to witness saying he didn’t do anything, blah blah, and because we had “red eyes and slurred speech” they arrested us! Shit, I was I had just kicked it into 5th gear and kept running when I saw the cops.

Well, I guess the point of the story is that jail oatmeal ain’t that bad :wink: If you get lucky they’ll have “eggs”. Enjoy, and catch a fucking cab next time!

I third what everyone else said about not being a dumbass and to stop getting busted for DUI.
I had a friend like you. He was an alcoholic (not saying you are) and he was always getting busted for the same shit.
To me thats the mark of a fool.
We all make mistakes but to continually make the same ones are just plain dumb.
I was busted once for a warrant that resulted from a ticket for possesion of Marijuana.
I did my week in county and never, ever got busted for pot (or anything) again. I didnt stop smoking pot, I just changed the way I carried it and where I chose to toke up.
You dont have to quit drinking but you should quit driving.
If I had even the slightest buzz when I got in the car I took a nap until I felt 100% sober.
You might wanna consider doing the same.

As for your question. There is nothing to do in jail except workout and read.

You’ll be limited since most jails dont have real weights.
Often the inmates will fill a trash bag with water so you can do upright rows, curls, tricep extensions, and neck work.
Throw in some free squats, push ups, dips, chins, sit ups,

FrontFaceLock - Just passing along some info I’ve learned recently. Sleeping in your car while drunk can still earn you a DUI in Washington State. Physical Control of Vehicle. You’d be better off sleeping anywhere but inside your car.

Next thing is to always refuse a breathalyzer. This will automatically result in a suspended license, but in the long run, it is much easier to deal with than a DUI.

Just some words of wisdom. I usually avoid, at all costs, driving drunk. The cost of a hotel room, or staying at a friends house will usually outweigh the possible consequences of a DUI.

Ofcouse these laws vary from state to state. Actual mileage may vary.

I agree with drewpate. You’re on your second DUI and all you’re worried about is whether you will lose bulk in jail and being bored? What the fuck is wrong with you?

you deserve to lose weight in jail for being such a dumbass! your lucky you didnt lose more, like your LIFE!


Here’s your workout. First streach out your neck muscles. Second, stick your head in the toilet. Third, repeat. Hopefully you will prove Darwin correct and become extinct.

Thanks for all the replies. I should have put a little more info about my situation in the first post but had to get to the gym.

I am an alcoholic. It sucks. Been sober since early March though.

I know DUI is stupid. I got my first in nov. 2002. License was suspended for a year. First one I got from driving way way too fast and hitting a tree at about 85 mph. Lucky myself and friend survived.

I said during that entire time my license was gone that I would never ever drink and drive again. A week after getting my license back, I got into a fight with my girl while drinking…

…She left and I called up my boy. The liquor got to me and shit hit the fan. Anyway after about 3 or 4 more hours later, I passed out behind the wheel. Three hours after the wreck I blew a .28.

Anyway I enrolled into a group counseling session once a week and attend AA twice per week, sometimes more. I did this on my own and it was not court ordered. It has helped me tremendously. I never thought I had a drinking problem until about 2 months ago. When alcohol starts to have undesired consequences, it’s time to educate yourself bc if not you’ll end up like me. I’m willing to bet that at least 85% of the people that visit T-mag have drank and drive. I did it all the time and might not have been caught if I wouldnt have wrecked.

I started training about June of last year, and seriously training about Dec. 2003. If not for that, I would probably be locked up for a long time.

Part of my success I owe to everyone at this forum and at T-Nation. I do visit this site daily. I understand why some of you got a little angry by my first post. Forgive me for not making this clear the first time but my gym closes at 7, I had just gotten off work and was in a hurry.

Now what about food???

Also, trust me I’ve got way more than that on my mind!

I’m not gonna go into a lot of my background details, but I will say that when you don’t consider your drinking a problem, or you always say to yourself Hell I’ve got control, then the charges stack up. Thats exactly what I did and how I felt. It was stupid, immature, etc. etc. but my judgement was seriously screwed up. I know now that all it’s gonna take for me to get back out there doing the same shit, is one more drink. Thats sad considering my age but certainly true.


You’re worried about your diet and yet you’re consuming enough alcohol to be legally drunk. Is it just me, or is this a little counter-productive? You’re obviously not as serious about your food intake as you want the rest of us to believe. If you were, you’d moderate your alcohol intake and fill the calorie void with something to make you GROW, not slow down your metabolism. The only bulking you’re going to do while drunk is adding a nice layer of FAT across your ass.

As for the DUI,
You’re 20, which makes you young, but that’s no excuse for being immature. We all have done stupid things growing up, and we’ve hopefully all learned lessons from them. But there’s a difference between doing something stupid and doing something dangerous. When you endanger the lives of those around you, you cross the line from young stupidity into recklessness. You’ve been lucky you haven’t hurt someone yet. Don’t push your luck again.

oh, you should have said that you drunk and drove because you got in an agrument with your girlfriend.

then its alright, your forgiven.



The unfortunate thing about drinking are the phases that a drunk passes through. I’ve experienced these first hand. Once you’ve had WAY too much to drink, you are no longer making sound judgments. For instance, if I drink a few glasses of wine, I’ll be sober enough to say “I probably shouldn’t drive”. However, if I go to a party where I’m basically partying my ass off, I can get so drunk that I basically think I am invincible. It’s an important aspect to realize. Yeah, we can berate our friend here and tell him how stupid he was, however, he is (like most of you) fallible and human. It’s a real problem. Luckily, no one died. So rather than throwing insults his way, I say we show him some support.

i cant believe this, u expecting sympathy or something? and i d take that bet that 85 percent of people here have drunk and drive. I agree with everyone else, ur srry, u need to get ur prioritys fuckin in order. Dont worry about any weight training till you get off your booze, dont even pretend to be worried about ur diet drinking like that,

BrentM, after the first offense one should reevaluate their habits. Not to say that one should stop drinking but does it take that much effort to hand your keys over to someone sober? It is unacceptable to drink and drive. Over 10 young people have been killed in my area in the last year…entirely preventable. This is what happens when you think you are invincible.


If someone is trying to turn their life around then yes, they deserve our support. But that was not the tone of the post. It was more like “oh man, got busted for DUI and now my bulking cycle is all messed up.” An attitude like that deserves insults.

MTB - He mentioned he quit drinking in March. His first post was a little brazen, I agree.

SCC - Yep, drunk driving kills many people. You seem to have driven home what I mentioned in my last post.

I was just hoping to take a more positive approach to this. Many people use exercise to overcome bad habits in their life. Who knows though, I hear you can lift weights all day in prison. :slight_smile: