Weekend Hangover or Body Adapted?

This is my third week of CW’s Hybrid Hypertrophy and the first two weeks the weights were just flying up. I’m on my third week, and due to the holiday weekend I did day 1 on Sunday instead of Monday and just got back from day 3. This weeks workouts were not nearly as good as the first two and the weight increases were minimal.

Could it be that my body is already adapted to the routine, or just affects of the weekend’s indulgence (beer), or even the change from Monday to Sunday? Should I stick with the routine for the fourth week or change it up? Any feedback would really be appreciated.

A lot of people have reported a lackluster week three if I remember correctly from a previous thread. I’d say go ahead and finish out the last week. No need to try and micromanage, just get plenty of rest and kick ass in week 4.

I highly doubt that the routine can’t continue to be effective. It’s most likely the partying and the changes.

It is only supposed to be a four week program, and that is under optimal recovery conditions.
Finish it up and let us know how it went.

With that being said, I’ll finish it up and be sure to tell how the fourth week goes. Thanks for the response.