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Weekend Fun

Had a chance to get off the beaten path a bit this weekend. I thought I’d share some pictures with those who might not know what it’s like out here in Oregon.

And to think that this trail received a 6 out of 10 ‘Scenic’ rating in the book we found it in.

I’ll put up some more when this picture posts.

Cool pic Ike. Let’s see some more. Where exactly is this in Oregon that you were? Did you find any big rocks and do strongman lifts with them?

Nice shot, considering it was taken while you were in the trunk of Groove’s car. ;-))

God, that’s beautiful. MUST LEAVE SOUTH TEXAS SOON.


Is that Kalamath? It’s been a while since I’ve been up that trail, but well worth it from the top.

Yeah, that beats the heck outta the butthole-a-Kentucky.

cool pic does anyone cliff dive from there? Out of curiosity. I use to platform dive and did high diving also.

Fitone, if you want to dive onto a boulder then, sure, you could cliff dive here. But even if there was a nice, deep pool at the base of this, I don’t think you would want to make the leap. 'Less you enjoy the rush of your nuts into your stomach. It’s cold. Two-BBs-and-a-tic-tac cold. You wouldn’t be getting any dates after that I assure you.

And Karma, if you’re talking about Klamath Falls, well, there is no falls there. They have a lake, but no waterfalls. Not sure how it got the name.

Seen all the states, but ya gotta love the Pacific Northwest!

Tyler: How odd. Yes, I was meaning Klamath Falls. I could have sworn that was the name of the place I went. Apparently not. Thanks for the clarification.

~Karma~, you might be thinking of Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge (the Columbia seperates Washington and Oregon). There’s a trail that winds all the way to the top; it’s spectacular. That might be what you’re thinking of. It’s a pretty popular attraction for those near the Portland area.

Yeah, up until a few years ago I always assumed there was a waterfall in Klamath Falls, too… as I think everyone does until they’re told otherwise. :slight_smile:

There was at one time a small “falls”, but it was lost when a damn was placed on the Link river.

Is this Silver Falls? I have not been there in ages, so I can’t really tell.

Actually, along the old scenic highway, there’s something like 14 water falls, some as spectacular as Multnomah, and others that are much smaller. Multnomah is just one of the few that can be seen from highway 84. I’m thinking this one is Horsetail Falls. Am I right? Do I get a prize?

Machine: No, no big rocks this time. What the hell was I thinking?!

Fitone: No, no diving here. These are falls off of a relatively small creek, they’re not super deep at the bottom. Tyler nailed it in both regards.

Karma: Tyler is once again correct, there are no falls at Klamath Falls. He’s 2/2.

Ko / Brider: Sorry guys, but this is actually some unnamed waterfall on the Eagle Creek trail. Well, actually they both are, as they’re different waterfalls. The trailhead is just off 84E, right around Bonniville/Cascade Locks. In fact, the exit is right there once you come out of the tunnel headed eastbound.

Just one more.

This one is Tunnel Falls. The cool thing, as you can see, is that the trail actually goes behind the falls themselves.

(These are the friends that went with me, hence the blurred faces.)

This does not compare to your pictures, but it is where I have thought about taking a vacation. This is Hanging Lake at a rest stop in the middle of a 10-mile bike trail that travels along I70 through Glenwood Canyon Colorado.

Mage: Picture isn’t showing up for some reason, as you can probably see…