weekend drinking

Ok, I want to know what does everyone out there handle the weekends? My biggest problem is weekend drinking. I’m so good about my training and my diet all week and then I go out on Friday and Saturday night and drink. Then I’m tired the next day and my workouts suffer. I’m young (23), live in NYC and want to enjoy myself but I feel like this drinking is what’s holding on to that last bit of fat that I’m trying to get rid of. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Stop drinking and find something else enjoyable to do on the weekends? I mean… what other answer were you expecting? :slight_smile:

I had the same problem as you do…for about 15 years. I don’t mean to preach but if you are having trouble giving it up maybe you should be wary. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to convert you to AA, I’m just stating that I’m an alcoholic and it is a bitch to quit. However, the way I feel now can’t compare to any drunk. I’ve lost 60 pounds of fat and am beginning to see my abs come through. Good luck and just don’t let it become a problem because it sucks when it comes time to quit.

Buddy, I’m with you. I also train like crazy during the week, but when the weekend comes I’m out there drinking with the best of them. I am 24, and really think that is what;s holding us back. I’m 5’11" 25 lbs. two weeks ago I started eating pretty clean and didn’t go out. Before that I was about 233 lbs. I just got home and drank 6 beers tonight plus Jack in the Box on the way home. I think we have to find different friends who don’t want to get fucked up every weekend. You can do it and so can I!!! Starting right now, lets stop drinking until MAY. Keep up on this message board, we can lose the fat and look great!!! GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!!

It’s a little hard for me to know where you’re coming from, as I actually quite dislike drinking (except for about 6 months last year when I truly “discovered” booze…), but here goes…

Basically, you simply have to decide what’s more important: an awesome body (and all that goes with it), or a very temporary good time once or twice a week. It’s a matter of priorities.

I go out once each week or fortnight, and don’t drink anymore. I’ll just stick to a Redbull or two, and I even balk at that (don’t wanna desensitise myself to caffeine, not even a bit!). Oh, and a shite-load of water and maybe a glass of juice. I think chicks (non-plastered) dig it when a guy approaches them that isn’t sloshed. They just don’t seem to expect it… [shrug]

It sounds like you already have it figured out for yourself, and you’re right. There is got to be plenty else to do in NYC on the weekend besides drink.

I agree. Until I stopped going out a few nights a week and downing a few beers each time, my body never responded to training the way I wanted it to.

The up side…since I started to limit my beer intake,I can be a little ‘more’ lax on the diet side.

I usually have 2-3 beers a week tops

Youve answered your own question. Pick one night and let it rip. Its amazing what fun you can have on the other night knowing you could rip off your shirt, jump on to the bar and be copletely ripped up, unlike the other fat ass’ at the bar…of course this is theoretical, this would happen…LOL

They’re right, better not to drink. I know it’s not easy, i’m 21 myself and I dont drink (well, rarely do) but I never enjoyed it that much in the 1st play. But if you want to drink, stick with Vodka, it has the least sugar and least negative effects on fat loss. Someone asked this question at a Poliquin seminar dealing with fat loss and Vodka is what Poliquin recommended, but only once a week, some sort of Vodka tonic. Drink as much as you want, but only 1 night. After all, working w/ so many hockey players, you gotta figure he had to look into this issue.

No matter what anyone say, you need to realize what you want. You want a healthy life go easy on the drinking. The cool thing is you do know that this is becoming a problem for you. Dude, Why waste that money on crap like that? Calculate how much money you are spending and use that to by some supplements or invest it! Hope you don’t get mad at me but this is my humble opinion grashoppah…

BTW, do you drink so that you can gain confidence in the bar? if that is so, again, my humble advice is to you to workout real seriously, because it will give you confidence beyond you can dream of. When you have confidence it shows and no punk will ever want to mess with you in a bar and besides a real t-vixen will see it in you and will be all over you. Again did not mean to preach but my very humble advice. Good Luck.

Ron Jeremy

Stop Drinking!!! If you think it’s why you’re suffering, stop doing it. Probably not the answer you wanted, but you have to make sacrifices for the perfect body. Stop Now, no excuses.

Simple answer…
Cut it back to a minimum and don’t stay out all night long. Anyone that wants to improve their body will never get anywhere unless they change their lifestyle, period.

The main reason you workout in the first place is to enjoy yourself more isn’t it? Who cares about a thin layer of fat. Will that bring you more happiness than a night out with the boys? As long as your drinking isn’t destructive, I see nothing wrong with it other than some harmless fun.

Weeeell, some of just ain’t gonna quit drinking entirely. I am sure it does hold some of us back somewhat but it is kind of a tradeoff, since I personally find booze very rewarding. Find the balance which makes you happiest, if you are happier booze free then just stop dammit, on the other hand…well you get the point. I know this will go over like a lead ballon with a of guys here but I personally find one of the benefits of being fit is you can drink more, hangovers are a lot rarer etc, I think just cause the body is more efficent and ready to deal with the toll of booze. Just my thoughts…bottoms up.

maybe this is the the type of response your looking for…limiting the amount u consume in a nite is a start…ive found that power drive works great…drinking seems to affect the nervous system,so taking it before u drink & after works good…if u take before ,be careful not to let it allow u 2 drink more(heightened awareness)…i like to eat protein all day before maybe drinking beer at nite…i treat the beer or alcohol in general as carbs ,so eating protein all day seems to help w/ the fat loss…some guys have mentioned tribex 500 and androsol because t-levels dropping from drinking…it works great…but none of these seem to work if u drink to much…the problem u mite face is not using these types of supplements as a license to drink more, w/ less side affects…that just leads to the same place your at now…by cutting back and consuming moderate amounts of alcohol and using supplements and diet wisely you should find a good median … i think of alcohol like hi- glycemic carbs and bad fats …dont consume too much in one sitting or youll feel like crap

flex 69, thanks for the tip, I’ll stick to vodka and see how that works. Right now I’m going out about 2-3 times a week but I’m only going to allow myself to drink one of those nights. I’ll let you know how it works.
SAL,why don’t you try this? It beats going cold turkey. Once a week and that’s it.
Training is definitely my life, but I have to admit that I enjoy going out on a Sat. night, chillin with my friends and having a drink or two.
Oh and I forgot to mention that I’m a girl and none of my friends are as into training as I am so they always give me a hard time about not drinking as much as they do or not eating out with them all the time.
Thanks guys!

Hows your eating, and im talking about the entire week? If your eating is perfect during the week, but shitty when you drink, give up drinking for a few weeks until you hit your goal. But from my experience, its not the drinking or missing a WO every once in awhile that makes you fat, its the food that makes you fat.

try to do everything in moderation. When I go out rather than call lots of attention to myself by absolutely refusing alcohol, I’ll have two or three but carry them around for a long long time. I also am the designated driver a lot. This way no one makes you drink cause they all want their ride home. If you were a man you’d probably hook up more, since you can give girls rides in your car and you won’t be a drunken fool or have a beer belly. I guess since you are a girl not drinking as much might mean you’d hook up less? :slight_smile:

I personally enjoy drinking on the weekends. I play rugby, so after the game me and the boys really go out and tie one on. It has not really hurt my training, as I go about 215 with about 10% bodyfat. I also train for strength, so I am not worried about getting to 5-6% bodyfat. Plus, the fact that I look better then all the pencil necks and slugs at the bar, pays big dividends with the chicks. Ill approach a chick at the bar and be like - hey do you have tickets? 9 out of 10 times she’ll go “tickets to what?”. Then ill hit a double bicep shot and say “to the gun show baby.” Works every time.

You will never get very good if you continue to drink on weekends. You need to dedicate yourself…are you a man or a mouse? You’ll have to pick up the pace quite a bit. I’d reccommend the following: Mon. 5 beers over 3 hours. Tues. 4 pitchers split with training partner (one order of hot wings) Wed. 6 beers and 3 shots of tequila, 2 cheesedogs Thurs. 5 bourbons with a small coke chaser, no food. Fri. 5 beers, 2 shots of bourbon, 3 shots of tequila, and a slice of pizza. Take the weekend off and drink as usual then. The mornings will be a blur after a while, just buck up and get used to it.