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Weekend Cheating - Need Advice!


Gyah! I fundamentally have a problem. I simply cannot do a regular refeed. No matter how well-planned it is, my body goes into cheat overdrive and common sense goes out the window. I never cheat that badly - it's usually on high fiber cereals and whole grains like 100% whole wheat bagels. But still, I hate myself at the end of every weekend and I seem to be unable to change this behavior, and it's driving me nuts! This is a pain in the ass for me as I'm trying to lean out.

Should I just forsake the "cheat foods" that tend to send me into this pattern? I'm definately leaning that way (pardon the pun) - it seems like I need some fundamental behavior modification before I can approach those foods again with a clear head. It pains me - I'm so consistent and effective during the week. A veritable boyscout of nutrition. And then on the weekends I turn into a ravenous animal, whereupon grains and bread-like substances became my prey.

Anyways, JB and T-Dawg advocate 10% type plans, but I'm beginning to think such a guideline is a bit too lenient for me. Opinions folks?


People seem to have had good luck with the V-Ddiet. Since you go overboard when cheating, just don't cheat. People seem to be reporting that it changes their outook on food, so when they come off the diet, they still eat better.


I think you have the right idea. You need to just show the strength to NOT screw up. You gonna let a bagel get you down. Come on.

I aint saying dont cheat. When I do I usually go all the hell out, like this past 4th July, but it was planned. You have to let loose.

If yoiu have the plan to cheat a certain way just show the damn strength to do it. Also at times just say screw it and take what comes. Gotta let loose every now and again. For me that is monthly

Hope that helps,


I have the same problem... and ive been on V-Diet twice. Its somehting about the weekend... its like vacation mentality... "im on vacation, ill eat right when i get back to my normal routine" I am currently on a (modified) V-Diet, since i cant curb my weekend eating disasters, i simply plan around them. I eat , 2 scoop shakes on weekends, and then eat 2 "regular" meals.

Im still a fat boy, but on this "plan" i have lost prob 30 lbs of fat in a few months.


At least you don't binge on all-the-way pizzas and cases of beer on the weekend. Like you said it's high fiber carbs. Not the end of the world. But I suspect that you love carbs, like me. I'd rather eat crackers and bread than candy or ice cream.

Just try to be more deligent in your cheats. Keep the bagels to a minimum. Don't refuse yourself of foods because of fear of weight gain. Just eat a little bit of them to satisfy your craving.


You could try to reschedule your cheat period so that it doesn't fall into the drain of will known as "weekend".

Put your cheat day on tuesday or something like that. You'll stick to plan during the day because of work. That evening you can have something "else", but won't have the time, inclination or social release pressure to go nuts.

If that fails, then kill the cheat altogether... ?


How about doing a cheat meal? Assign a 2 hour window once a week in which you can eat anything.



That's a good idea. Also, what's your body composition/body fat despite your cheating? And what's your diet like during the week? If you're unecessarily eating excessively low-carb that could be the culprit? What are your current goals-aesthetically and athletically? More information would be helpful.


I like to be a happy guy. I know eating well duringhe week makes me happy, and on Sunday morning I get cinnamon crumb cake (I can smell it in the oven right now...mmmmm). The wifey has it baking with a big ole pot of coffee when I start to wake up so that it is ready when I finally role my aching body out of bed (rugby and the life-long process of recovery).

It is OK to have a bagel. Honestly, you sound like a douchebag when you complain about your horrible will-power and then say that you cheat with 'high-fiber cereal'. Maybe you can just mind f' yourself and tell yourself that some cheating is good for the soul. "Shock the body. Keep'er guessin" Nice yellow shirt.


Why not give the Anabolic Diet a try? It's built around the concept of a weekend-long refeed, in which all the foods you mentioned work quite well.


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