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Weekend Cheating, Advice on Cutting


A question for those who are able to cut down to below 8% bodyfat.

Can weekend cheating be responsible for totally halting your fat loss? Lately, I got the feeling that I've been shooting myself in the foot every weekend. I didn't drink, but I did eat high carb/high fat foods like pizza, arab food, steak frite, burger & fries, etc...

I'm probably at about 10% bodyfat, and have been stuck there for at least 3 months. This has really gotten to me. I would rate my workout habits as good to excellent. I do heavy compound lifts 3 days a week, and do cardio at least 3 days a week. Lately, I went from steady state cardio to intervals, in form of hitting the heavy bag.

Diet wise, I decided to get rid of all complex carbs and limit my carb consumption to just a couple of pieces of fruit in the morning. I will have one cheat meal per week ( chicken and rice).

Could anybody help me out? Why have I stopped losing fat? I just want results god damn it. Been stuck with this lousy 5-6 lbs of fat around my stomach forever now, and I'm so angry that I'm almost ready to tear that shit off with my fingers.


Why is being at 10% such a bad thing? Can you see your abdominal muscles? And since when is rice and for heaven sakes chicken considered a cheat meal?!

I would up the protein and healthy fat intake and lower the carbs as well. Those "5-10lbs" are sometimes the hardest to lose. BTW it most likely sounds like your abdominal area is where you store most of your subcutaneous fat which is normal.

And yes the weekend is probably where you are going downhill (somewhat). Try to aim for 85% perfect nutrition with one day for a cheat meal.

Remember this takes time. Patients.


You say weekend, so I assume that you cheat for two days out of the week. And you would like to cut down to 8%. My advice would not worry as much about those compound carbs through out the week but rather on your pizza, burgers, deep-fried potato sticks, ect............ Why donâ??t you try to cut the cheat days down to A cheat day, or even A cheat meal!!


If you're eating burgers and fries and pizza over the weekend, THATs your cheat, not the chicken and rice day.

And normally I'd say that even the cheat weekends aren't that big a deal, but you're shooting for the body fat of a competition bodybuilder or a teenage girl with body image problems, so yes, I figure it's the weekends that are zapping you. Stop eating like a drunk person.

Or, you could just relax, you're doing pretty good, i'd kill for 10% BF myself.


Yup. I figured that it must be my weekend excesses that are responsible. Last weekend was a cheat-free weekend. I could swear that I'm already seeing results. Actually, my girl and I went to the bookstore and got a really good low-carb cookbook. I even had low-carb home-made dessert for the first time in my life. It's good!

I don't have body image problems, what I have is a goal to get ripped. Been working towards it since about January and still am not there, that's why I am asking for input. Just trying to cut down on things that sabotage my progress.


Well it seems like u are headed in the right direction. Just try to limit your weekend cheating and keep up the good work. I also use my bag for cardio.... I actually found that switching it up by doing a couple days of boxing and a couple of running has really helped me quite a bit. My abs are fucking ripped right now. It sounds like what you want is those nice abs to show thru... what are you currently doing for ab work?


Thanks. I have to say I've been noticing results lately. This is the strictest dieting I've ever been on.

For abs I'm doing:

Medicine ball crunches
Side planks (extended arm)
Cable woodchoppers
Cable punches
Hanging leg raises/L-seats