Weekend Articles?

Ok, this is about the magazine, but one of the things I like about T-Nation is that articles are out first thing in the morning, so I have some nice material to read while I sip my morning coffee. The best days to do this though are Saturday and Sunday but, unfortunately there’s no fresh articles.

I was wondering if there could be a “Classics”/“Past favorites”/“From the archives” post over the weekend where the editors feature an old, but particularly good article?

There’s plenty of stuff I’ve missed that’s from before my time reading T-Nation; like the stuff by Poliquin, King, Waterbury, and more, of which I would love to read the highlights reel.

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We did that for a while (extra weekend articles), but had a tough time keeping the quality up. Found ourselves filling the quota with some ho-hum content. Articles take a bit more work these days because we create videos to go with many of them.

BUT, if you get our Weekly Dose and Daily Dose newsletters we send out one on Saturday that features a popular old favorite, usually whatever recently re-blew up on our Facebook page.

Also, we run through a lot of classics on Instagram Stories and Twitter if you’re on those platforms.