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Weekdays Program Suggestions?

I’ve got every day of the week to train but nothing on the weekends. Anyone have suggestions on a program that would make the most of that 5-day timeframe?

I’ve enjoyed a large number of the programs offered in the Workouts section on the main site. However, they almost always seem to require at least one day on the weekends which really isn’t possible for me. I thought maybe someone else here might be familiar with this restriction.

Any advice anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Love this site and looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


5 day templates in here somewhere( 4 days actually get the best ffedback tho)…

Thanks very much for your suggestions. Those are both really interesting. One is on the high end of frequency (5x/week) and the other mostly low (1x/week).

You said 4 day programs actually get the best feedback. Do you think that is because they lend well to 2x/week, which might be a more optimal frequency, or do you think they are popular for some other reason (such as better rest)? I’ll probably try them all but I’m curious what you think would most likely be best in this timeframe and why.

Yeah pretty much this, for me frequency not that big a deal unless talking stubborn body parts
-overall impact on the body over the course of the week/finding the right volume is king, especially as get older, career demands etc

I like 5/3/1 BBB. Lift Monday/Tuesday. Cardio on Wednesday. Lift Thursday/Friday

I’m currently doing 5/3/1 full body MWF with Tues/Thurs/Sat serving as cardio or bonus days at the gym. I’m off work MTW so this allows me to get 67% of my training done without restrictions. Once I return to work I just need to squeeze in one more solid session on Friday or Saturday and bigger have a good week.

My approach with your schedule allows for three solid lifting sessions with two good conditioning and/or ab days.

Just do: Monday: Lower, Tuesday: Upper, Wednesday OFF, Thursday: Lower, Friday: upper.

Smash every movement for 3-4 sets…the details just depend on exactly what you want to achieve.

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