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Week Ten on TRT Lab Work Shows High T

Just got my lab work back after being on trt 10 weeks. I’m on 80 mg cypionate twice a week and take 1/4 mg anastrozole twice a week. The results are as follows:
tt->1500 264-916
ft-32.7 6.8-21.5
e-35.5 8-35
I’m not feeling the best having some anxiety, bloating and not as energetic as I was on week 1-2. Also put on 15 lbs. any suggestions on my protocal

You would probably do yourself a huge favor by dropping that dose to 50mg twice a week and dropping the AI.

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I could have told you that dose was too high, most men are closer to 100mg weekly. I’m at 84mg weekly.

Anxiety and bloating is high estrogen and if overweight you will covert more testosterone to estrogen which can be fixed by lower the dosage and increasing injection frequencies. AI’s are for those who have attempted to fix high estrogen by increasing injection frequencies.

You wouldn’t need an AI if your protocol was more reasonable, AI’s can cause anxiety. I inject 21mg EOD for this very reason.

Don’t be surprised if the shitty feeling is all arimidex. That e2 is not that high. I would still adjust dose though. Your free T is well above range.