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Week Out Of The Gym

Hey guys,

I am at school for one more week, but our gym is closed. What do you suggest I do for this week? I want to make the most of this situation. Can anyone suggest a good week-long bodyweight program. I will be in my dorm room, so I have access to literally nothing. Let me know what you think.

Thanks everyone!



Do you have access to a playground?


[quote]Avoids Roids wrote:

I would, but I rested the week before due to final exams. I really want to get back to training.


[quote]electric_eales wrote:
Do you have access to a playground?


That actually crossed my mind. Thanks for the quick reply.


incline pushups (feet on bed)
jumping jacks, running in place
squat thrusts or burpees
hindu squats till your quads cry
situps or crunches
dips between two chairs or chair/bed
curls with a kitchen chair

pullups or chins, if you can find a good place, without ripping the moldings off the doorway

most of these will focus more on getting to fatigiue through reps and intensity, not moving a lot of weight, unless you weigh 400 lbs already. Not a huge size gainer workout, but enough to keep you “in the game” without vegging out for a week. I’ll bet you will make some new sore places that your regular workout doesn’t reach.

I just got back froma week in the Caribbean eating like a hog. I got in one bodyweight worhoput in the room, can’t wait to hit the pile tonight.