Week Out from Competition, Bicep Tear (?)

FML, first day of peak week ahead of final competition for the year and nearing the end of tonight’s training I’m on my second set of single arm preacher curls when I hear a “pop-pop-pop” in my right arm … dropped the weight as it happened and yelped… it almost sounded like bones cracking.

Obviously stopped training and headed home … Have since iced it a little and while it’s a little sore now it basically just feels like massive d.o.m.s… I can twist my palm ok but it bites a little when I straighten my arm.

Wondering if I should see anyone about this or just soldier on around it … Obviously it feels like any direct bicep stuff will be out for the rest of this week and pulling movements will be a problem too … just want to be able to function on stage next monday…

Anyone else suffered something similar ?

what a b*tch !!

Did your bicep retract toward your shoulder? Any bruising? Tendon still present in your antecubital area? You can test that by turning palm up toward the ceiling and feeling in the crook of your elbow for a hard, almost bony feeling tendon. What you are describing sounds like a tear. If so, you’ll eventually have to go see a doc for it. With bicep tears, the sooner the repair the better in order to regain function of the muscle. Shouldn’t affect your competition outside of being able to flex forcefully and having some asymmetry if the muscle is torn. Good luck.


Is the discomfort at the elbow or the shoulder?

Update? Is it a tear? (I’m a graduate of the Biceps School of Tendon Tearing, Class of '01.)

As an aside, if I were Emperor of Weightlifting, my first official act would be to ban preacher curls. I think it is an exercise with little redeeming value, and for which the risk/benefit ratio is ghastly.