Week one progress

Morning y’all. So thought I would just update some of you on how the new shot schedule is going. Took my second 65mg shot yesterday. Took my first Wednesday night. Thus far I have noticed the following.

-more consistent feeling of energy, good mood and alertness.
-palps are gone, as is the slight anxiety I felt on one shot a week.
-libido isn’t coming in giant surges. It’s more level and consistent. Was able to have sex twice yesterday on shot day and once this morning.
-Test “high” is gone, some guys like this and I understand why but it’s not a huge deal too me.
-just a general feeling of normal consistently. Not too high not too low.
-Haven’t felt any valleys yet but it’s only been a week.

Overall I feel really good and I think this is going to work better than 100mg per week. I was impressed on how I felt on shot day. Usually with my 100mg shot day it was hit or miss. I felt amazing or I felt blah while my body balanced the hormones. One question though. My body acne is actually going away on this schedule. I find that odd because my dose has technically increased. Any thoughts on that? As always appreciate everyone’s input

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