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Week Off

I’m assuming that most of the athletes who post on this page take a week off from training every couple of months. I am currently at this stage. Well, I still would like to do some light active recovery work, but how much is too much?

I am interested to hear your responses.


I take a week off at the most after 8 weeks and sometimes as low as after 4 weeks of continuous training. During the week off I may hit the gym once or twice and try some lifts I’ve never done before or need to work on form.

There was a good article posted a few weeks back on taking a week off. I believe it was titled “Back off and Grow”

I just took a week off (my first one… just started hard lifting 8 weeks ago) and it was quite a nice experience. I didn’t worry about going to the gym at all, and when I came back all of my lifts had gone up!

I think the most important thing to remember is that a week off from training is NOT week off from eating!