Week Off?

Im just about to finish up tri-phase and it calls for a 1 week off for resting and such before moving on. I’d recommend the program if you havent tried it it worked very well for me. almost 12 pounds with just a tad bit of fat gain.

I’ve tried this before and I don’t do well with not going to the gym.
Can I go once or twice and just bullshit around?
Is it okay to do some interval training?

I’m looking for a different program, I loved the intensity of the last 6 weeks on tri-phase so I was thinking Max-OT. But if anyone can suggest another good program with low reps/sets I’d be grateful.

you don’t have to take the week and do absolutely nothing. you can go and do some low intensity stuff. the benefit of the time away is to give your body, joints, ligaments, tendons and CNS a chance to re-coop. i know in your mind you’re making progress and hate to stop but i’ve made that mistake before and i now take full advantage of my break.

i’m due for mine next week. i always come back better so don’t let your mind play tricks on you like “uh oh i’m getting small”! you can’t lose much at all in only a week. it’s all in your head so relax and recharge those batteries!