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Week Off and Testing

this whole week im off and the week after that i ahve lifting testing. What should i do just rest the whole week or stay lifting?

Take the week off and practice typing.

[quote]Avoids Roids wrote:
Take the week off and practice typing.[/quote]

Great advice. if you do anything go light very light.

Just to qualify the recommendations…a week off before testing is good as long as you have been lifting on a good program the last while.

It is pretty common for powerlifters to take the last wk before their meet off to allow the supercompensation curve to come around and allow them to peak and recover from their workouts.

Not a good idea to take a week totally, completely off… The body doesn’t really respond well to being sedentary. Just get the body moving around a bit, get some light activity in. Easy calisthenics, joint mobility, some light static stretching, etc.