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Week in the Woods


Like the title says in a couple weeks I'm gonna be spending a week in a hunting cabin in Maine. Theres a camp stove to cook meals, but only food we bring into the camp which isn't gonna be a ton. Basically my diet is going to be crap, with a lot less calories per day and much less protein intake. Just one week wouldn't worry me, but this whole summer has been pretty shitty diet and training wise for me. I have had a lower back injury for awhile so my training has suffered greatly (no squats, overhead presses, deads for 7 months) and my protein intake has also been terrible cause of my pretty demanding job with long irregular hours. Normally I get 200g but this summer has been about 160g per day.

Should I be worried about this one week derailing my progress? Also I saw someone about the back injury and it was quite interesting, but thats for another thread possibly.


You should be worried about having a consistently shitty diet and training that has injured you that badly, not about a 1 week vacation.


This...The last thing I would be worried about Is one more week.




Yeah tust me I know...... Its been a pretty shitty 7 months but I finally found someone who was able to diagnose the back and help me with a recovery plan. I'm not making excuses for myself, just openly stating the facts.


Once august is over I'm done working and back to shool, and hopefully will be near fully recovered by then too. Once in school I'm really strict with my diet and I have more than enough time to hit my calorie and macro goals each day. It's just hard working on a farm when theres no regular hours and sometimes 12 hour work days. Once again no excuses, just stating the facts so I don't look like I"m just slacking here.


You will learn a lot from this video.


Understood but still comes down to the fact that 1 more week won't break your small amount of progress,don't beat yourself up about it.Come back from vacation with a plan and get back on the horse.


just enjoy the trip


I understand. I didn't mean to come off as defensive, I just wanted to be clear if wasnt a work ethic thing but just the circumstances. I've been absolutely dying to get back to training hard, and I def will be nailing my nutrition too. I'm actually on track for my weight loss goal for the summer though. By the end of August ill be where I want to be weight wise so atleast there's a silver lining


Do you have a hunting permit?

Otherwise couldnt you just bring a tub of protein or something?


I'm gonna bring a tub of protein. And I have a hunting license but not for Maine.... That would've been nice haha. I mean I'm not gonna starve to death, but it's gonna be a much lower protein content and probably overall calories. It's just icing on the cake for a really shitty past 7 months training wise


this works well, idk why people fuss so much. Two big shakes mixed with water and you have 200 g of protein already. Fill in the rest of calories with with beer and campfire food.


Why can't you hit your macros during the trip if you really want to? Protein powder, beef jerky, whatever meat you can cook, eggs possibly? Carb sources are incredibly easy to pack...bread, oats, poptarts, popcorn, etc.


I would just get a bunch of beef jerky, beer, whisky, and just have fun.