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Week Before Comp? Ammonia?


So I'm doing my first competition on saturday and its a push pull but I'm only pulling since I strained my pec about a month ago. I contemplated just doing close grip to get the experience but its an extra 60 bucks so I'll just pull. I had planned on doing upper tomorrow (OH Press 5/3/1) then speed pulls and thats it on tuesday. I had read some people saying they do nothing the week before and some that do speed stuff the week before up until tuesday/wed. Any suggestions or comments on which is preferred?

Also since its on saturday would I be hurt to do a moderate upper session. 3x5 of close grip bench and some other tricep on thursday or does anyone think that would mess with recovery for pulling on saturday? I would think it wouldn't but I wanna get 500 sat so wanna do whatever it takes to get it.

Also I'm getting ammonia tomorrow and have never used it before. I'm thinking of using it before my upper workout tomorrow to see how I react to it. Any suggestions on ammonia? Should I just try it that once on monday? Or should I just try it before light speed pulls (40-60%) on tuesday? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


ammonia doesnt do anything for a regular workout. I only use it on my 1 rep maxxes. keeps me from getting light headed and seeing stars when really straining.


Yeah I know that. I'm mainly meaning which would be the best day to get accommodated to using it or what are some tips to get used to it. Just crack it and don't hold it too close the first time? I've never even seen ammonia caps so really have no clue. I'm sure I could just figure out what works but if theres advice I'll take it.
I don't want the comp to be the first time I use it and then not be able to function because of too much or just not get enough. It probably doesn't matter, just need to do a trial run either day to see how it effects me. Or maybe just hit it before my last set of speed pulls (even though they wont be heavy) since that's what I'll be doing on saturday.


yeah the first time you will be like WHOA. so dont hold it too close, get a feel for it.


As far as the week before the meet, everyone likes to do something different. Your going to have to experiment and see what works best for you. Personally, I like to keep doing some mederate lifting until the thursday before the meet (if I'm competing on a saturday). The final week for me is basically nothing but moderate weighted dynamic efforts and lots of assistance work. I feel slow in the meets if I drop my speed work the week before.

Definintely try the ammonia at least once before the meet. It will be hard to get your attempts in if you have no idea what the ammonia feels like, crack your first one at the meet, and knock your self out.




Alright I appreciate the feedback. I figured the ammonia would just be test it out, I was mainly concerned with how to go about my training this last week with it only being a deadlift meet for me.


Not to revive the thread but from talking to a buddy today I just "realized" I don't wear a belt for deadlifts. I say I just realized cuz I've just never really thought about it that much. Just don't have my own belt and just don't wear them. Since I won't be deadlifting again before saturday (today was my speed pull and last leg day) should I attempt to wear a belt in competition or just go without since I've been training that way? I'm probably leaning to the latter but would like to hear some opinions.

And last thing about the ammonia, hopefully not overkill but it didn't come in today in time for speed pulls but should be here tomorrow. I'm gonna do some moderate close grip bench on thursday (~70%) and thats it on thursday and i almost feel like it'd be weird to hit some before a moderate lift like that. Anyways should I hit it up before that or should I just try it out at the apt and gauge my tolerance from that? Sorry these are such noob questions but I literally don't know anybody that competitively powerlifts


I wouldn't try anything new at a meet. In fact, I don't make any changes to form, gear, etc. inside of a month out. There are already enough variables that are outside of your control in a meet setting without switching up anything else. Stick with what you're used to and incorporate changes during training cycles.


X2. Don't change anything the last meet. All you're gonna do is trick yourself into having more doubt and complications during the meet. Stick with what you know, see what works or what doesn't from your meet prep this time, and incoporate these new things in the prep for the next meet. That's how you learn; by doing, observing, and evaluating results.