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Week 7 of 12 Cycle


im taking 600mg of deca durabolin, 600 mg of test 400 and on workout days taking oxymeth/ anadrol 50mg tabs 1 tab, i seem to have hit a wall maybe im not eatingf enough, im not sure, should i step up my mg and should i take anadrol on my off days?this is only my 3rd cycle im still trying to get it right


the best advice i can give is eat!!!!
its like giving a formula one car regular gas and expecting results....

rule of thumb is 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and a min. of 3000 cals.
also good amount of complex carbs..... try that...


yeah im eating pretty good atleast 3500 to 4500 cal per day,and agood 500 grams of protein between food and shakes, maybe ineed to step the complex carbs.. thanks..


What Im wondering is why you are using the same amount of deca and test? I've always held the belief that test should be at a dose of at least 30% more than the deca. Also, why onl 50mg of Anadrol a day? Suggested use has always been 100.

Lastly, I pray that you have not been running Anadrol for all 7 week.s


thats right... max is 4-6 weeks


yeah try the carbs and let me know.. don't be afraid to jack up the carbs (complex)


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Are you sure about those numbers? 500 grams of protein equate to 2000 calories alone. That would make up a majority of your calories on a typical day. That would mean that your nutrient breakdown leans heavily on protein and is likely lacking in other things.


i eat alot of chicken, yogurt,oatmeal, 4 to 5 shakes a day at 52 grams of protein, i sure i need to ear more greens , potatoe,etc. its hard to eat 5000 or more calories of clean food..


I hate the term "clean food." There's no "dirty food" unless you dropped it in a garbage disposal. Most people think of "clean food" as things that don't contain a lot of fat. Since when did fat become evil? I think you should be incorporating more of it into your diet. It'll hike up your caloric intake and could possibly make the difference between a more progressive cycle and a plateu.