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Week 6 of 915

Anyone ever get stuck on a week>?What’d you do?Had a shitty dead today and thinking of just repeating week next week and keeping other days on schedule.It was comp mental I was in slow motion off the floor today and head in the clouds.I am in week 6 and up 8 lbs today!!!So I am not to depressed but Everything was great till today(of course i=t was a 30lb jump from last week)My week 9 has me topping out at 650 but Im hoping just for 625 as it will be a pr and over 3x bw …
Should I repeat week or just go on and maybe drop the weights making 625 my new max weight and adjust percentages>?

Anyone here have advice?Im thinking going to repeat the week and shoulod get it this time…If not ill have missed a set maybe a rep and will continue w/ scheduled weights ect though may bump them down 5-10lbs…My dead as you would assume is my heaviest number so the chances off gettint the full 15% are slimmer but the way the first 5 weeks have gone ive felt invincible.