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Week 6 and Seeing No Results


I'm female, 5 foot 5, and about 122 lbs. I'm seeking to cut down my fat percentage, but nothing I seem to be doing is getting the right results. I work out at least 5 days a week with 30-60 minutes of cardio each session combined with weight exercises (using 20-25lb dumbells, 3-5 sets of 6-10 reps, depending on the exercise).

My workouts are primarily first thing in the morning, and preceded by 1/2 of a FINiBAR and followed by a quarter serving of Surge. I maintain approximately a 40/30/30 protein to carb to fat ratio, with most of my carbs consumed around my workout times. Protein of choice is Lowcarb Metabolic Drive, lean turkey, cottage cheese. I do have 3-4 meals a week that are cheat meals, but nothing crazy. A typical day for me is:

45 minutes of cardio
15 minutes of weights
1/4 Surge
Nonfat greek yogurt + granola
Metabolic Drive (1 scoop)
Cottage cheese + turkey
Cheese strick + turkey
Dinner of lean meat and plain salad, dry.

Again, 3-4 cheat meals a week. I am strong and in great cardio shape - for a non-athlete. I'd guess I have a 33% body fat percentage. What the fcuk?!?!?!? I'm not looking for a drastic change, simply to get the weight down closer to a steady 115-118 through fat loss. Thank you for any help/direction you can give.


Count your calories, eat 500 less than your TDEE or eat your TDEE and burn off 500 with cardio, it's that easy. In 1 week you should lose about 1 lb.


3-4 cheat meals per week?? Why so many? Nitro is right, if you're not losing weight, you're not in a deficit of calories. You also need to be in a weekly deficit to lose weight...so make sure you're factoring in your cheat meals when you're running your numbers. Personally when I'm dieting, I do no more than either 1 cheat meal per week or 1 cheat day per 14 days. I also like to use a program called fitday which allows you to enter in custom foods with custom values as well.


I am thinking this a troll but if its not

theres no way on earth your bf is at 33%

get rid of the 3-4 cheat meals you are having per week

and read up on some different diets your diet is shocking

but for the record im calling bull shit on this


Lift heavier and get rid of the cheat meals.


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What everyone else has said.

But for what its worth, you aint 33% and from a guys point of view, that body is in the top 10% of the population for hotness.


From my estimations that diet looks like 1500 cals tops. That plus 45 mins of cardio, I cannot see how you wouldn't lose weight.

Are the cheat meals 1k+ cals lol? (and when you think about it, 4 cheat meals a week = you are not following that diet more days than you are)


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Thank you so much for the feedback and tips. I really appreciate your insight, because fine-tuning my results has been very frustrating because I feel like I work really hard at it, but with very little progress.

My "cheat meals" range from anything from a slice of cake to a dinner out with cocktails and maybe dessert. It's nothing like fast food/pizza/loaves of bread. I'm pretty disciplined the rest of the time and probably net 800-1200 calories on most days. I wear a HR monitor to track calories burned during a workout and use Livestrong to track my caloric intake.

My biggest issue is that in 6 weeks, there has been almost no progress. Here is what changes I have made to my typical workouts from 6 weeks ago:

Typical old workout:
45 minutes of cardio + 3 sets of 20 reps of 5-8 lbs weights

New workout:
45 minutes of cardo + 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps of 20 lb weights (can't get heavier at the moment without pain). 1/2 Finibar before every workout and 1/4 scoop of Surge after every workout. Carbs (in the form of fruit, brown rice, brown rice bread, or brown rice pasta -I'm gluten intolerant- right around my workout).

Typical old diet:
60% carbs
30% proteins
10% fats

New diet:
40-45% proteins
30-35% carbs (mainly in the form of fruits and carbs just around my workout)
20% fats

Are there other things I should be keeping in mind besides the obvious? I have a hard time accepting that with as hard and disciplined as I am with 30 of my weekly meals, that 4-5 imperfect meals or a couple of drinks a week could completely prevent progress.

Thank you again.


You're not eating enough, your body thinks it's starving.
Your BMR is probably ~1200 calories a day. This means if you just stayed in bed all day, you'd burn ~1200 calories from existing.
Start eating more, and your body will recomp.
Re-assess every two weeks.
Don't just worry about your scale weight, the mirror is better. You're probably gaining some muscle as well as losing some fat, so your weight is in homeostasis but your LBM:BF is improving.


You shouldn't have a hard time believing this because they are.
That means on avg. we'll say, that every 2 days, you keep sabotaging your diet, and throwing your body off track.
You know the song, "2 steps forward, one step back....."


Weights will give you a metabolic kick in the ass to help burn fat, you may want to separate cardio and do 2-3 weights sessions a week focusing on primary lifts


you say you do 15 minutes of lifting and 45 minutes of cardio.

swap that round. 45 minutes of squats, presses. deadlifts and rows. 15 minutes of hard cardio. see where that takes you.


I like this advice the most.


Honestly, you are already pretty skinny... You already have the body of someone who does a bunch of cardio and "eats right" most meals out of the week, and you are probably where most girls want to end up... But you dont look like you train with weights.

And if THAT is your girl, if you want to look like a figure girl, or a fitness magazine cover model, As counter intuitive as this sounds, you may actually need to add in MORE weight training, and eat (a small amount)MORE food to gain some quality muscle mass, then diet off a few pounds when you actually have some mass to show up.

Although if you are dead set of just losing more weight... You need to crank up the intensity of your cardio (try 30 minutes of absolutely grueling weighted circuits, combined with 15 minutes HIIT on the recumbent bike...).

Also your diet, as laid out, is less than ideal. That is WAY less than 10 calories a pound if that is all you eat in a day, which is well under even the lowest limits of hard core dieting. If you are serious about this endeavor, you may need to reevaluate what your cheat meals are doing as well. I cant get away with 4 cheat meals a week myself, I only do it once every month or so, with reasonable high carb (oatmeal normally) days once a week.


First, I think you look pretty good.

Second, I agree that lifting heavier should be a goal.

Third, I really don't think you have a very good handle on what you're eating on your diet. The diet outlined in the OP is grim... like six calories a day. But then later you mention you're eating fruit and rice around your workout, which wasn't on the first list. And then there's cheat meals, which you probably haven't quantified. But a chain restaurant entree + dessert + drinks is probably like 1200 calories.

For that reason, I'm not so sure you've "wrecked your metabolism". It's hard to get from "normal" to "lean".

You could try really carefully logging your food and calories for a few days. Including the cheat meals. It's kind of OCD, and I don't like to encourage that, but it would be useful to get some real numbers. What does livestrong tell you you're eating now?

Oh, and heart rate monitors almost always overstate caloric burn. Take the number it's giving you during aerobics, and halve it.


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i'd suggest you get out more.