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Week 5 of 500mg Test E, Underdosed?


From what I read there should have been, and I should be taking my hcg by now. I assume this is just down to genetic differnces and the such again.

Ok let's say that i don't get shutdown even by the end of my cycle (13 weeks) does this mean I should definitely take the hcg at week 14 for my pct? becasue following my original plan hcg was gonna be taken during the cycle and I'd just use nolva for pct. Perhaps I'm being pedantic, but I'm shit scared of messing pct up and wasting all my hard work. Thanks.


I'm kinda confused by what your asking. BUT from what i know HCG is used on cycle ive never used it but i think if your into week 5 you can start it now if you want or just keep going an go into a normal PCT when you've finished. An im also assuming you are on Adex ED right? Lots of people do not use HCG so i wouldnt sweat it to much .. stop freaking out train hard eat like a monster an cross the PCT bridge when you get there


Use hcg during your cycle, not during PCT...using during your cycle keeps your balls awake, so that when you use the SERM during PCT to bring your pituitary back online, your balls won't be the long pole in the tent...

SERM only for PCT (with the AI if you like)...


I'd definitely second VT and say jump on the HCG. Better yet, go back in time and jump on it day 1...even if your stuff were completely fake, HCG won't hurt you. It can only help your cycle and your PCT. It's great stuff.


I was always under the impression that AIs where a no-no during PCT, this is not the case?


There's studies showing that the effectiveness of arimidex is reduced by 27% or so when combined with a SERM, but you are still getting the benefit of reduced aromaitization even if not at full strength...

I think this is helpful to keep estrogren rebound to a minimum when you stop the SERM.

Truthfully, I would probably keep running AI at 1-2 weeks AFTER PCT if I was particularly prone to high estrogen.


I agree with VTBalla34. When I did PCT (nolvadex), I started taking my Adex back during the 2nd week and I did notice lower estrogen effects. So although Nolva decreases the effectiveness of Adex, it still works well enough.