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Week 4 Results


Today's Friday..and it marks my 4th week into my First Cycle.

As mentioned previously, I'm a 10+ year 100% natural BB (see avatar), and I am/was looking to FINALLY try out these mystical things called "Steroids".

Last Injection:
1000+mg Test (Cyp, T400, Sust)
600mg Boldenone (Equipoise)

Spanned over Delts, Glute & Thigh

Labido dropped from the dramatic peak I had about a week ago.

I've gained some body weight, but I'm not sure I attribute it to the juice. I've just been eating a lot more..and I always gain from that.

Strength hasn't changed outside of the normal increases I get from hard-hitting it.

No breakouts, No nipple issues (Gyno) ((That I can tell)), No rage...

I'm in-between pissed off and let down.

Also, I pinned a delt lastnight, and it hurt like hell. When I withdrew, blood trickled out like mad...ran all down my arm. I suspect I punctured a vessel? ~ That was less than thrilling.




Man, I don't know what to say. For the bleeding shoulder, most likely you nicked or passed through a vein. No biggie.

As far as the lack of gains, you should be seeing something by now. I'm starting to suspect bogus gear. The eq can take up to 6 weeks, but some of that test should have hit. Just a question, are you spanning your shots out, or are you taking the 1600mg all in one day?

I'm bummed that your having so many probs with your first one. I and many others will tell you that this stuff does work, and that you feel great on it. I hope that it turns around for you.



If the gear is real, it should kick in really soon. The fact that you have trained all this time naturally should mean that you have developed a heck of a lot of androgen receptors. When the gear does kick in, you should grow like a weed. 20 lbs is not unrealistic to imagine, that is of course if your natural as you say you are, as many on here call themselves natural, but have used prohormones, which are no different in the body than regular steroids. But many don't realize that. or don't want to admitt that to themselves.


I have gained more on less gear. That is a lot of gear if it is your first cycle. 1g of Test? How are you spliting your dose? ED, EOD, the EQ will kick in at around week 6 or 8 just depends on the person. My first cycle I gained 15lbs and that was after the bloat was gone I was on a 10 week cycle of sust at 250mg/week. If I want to see some quick results before the Cyp kicks in I use Prop @100mg/day for the first 2 weeks.

As for the labido you may want to try Proviron, it keeps the wee-man at attention and keeps your sex drive going.

The bleeding, that shit happens bro.
Good luck and keep us posted.


As to the questions:

I started spanning it out over a day or two just because it was so much to inject.

I'm pretty bummed too. If I'm making gains, it's not impressive to my standards. I've put on some weight during this period..around 8-10lbs..but I honestly am not see it as much coupled with the appetite increase I felt with the EQ initially.

Strength increases are again nothing outide of the norm. It's not like my strength shot up a full plate or something anywhere..

I'm eating as much as I can. to the point of constant stomach distention.

As to my "natural" factor, I'm 100% natural. I've creatine a couple times, but experienced no weight increases...Protein powder... Multi-V..that's it.

This is my first time using anything of this nature.



synth. i think you need to put some things into perspective when it comes to your expectations....

i would say someone at your advanced stage of development, training age, nutritional habits etc etc etc, would not experience the same newbie type gains as someone who is less advanced. AAS is not a magic potion. i think 8-10 pounds is pretty good given your stats. hell, i bet a successful cycle for someone like P-22 might be a 4-5 pound increase.

just my 2 cc's bro. you're doing fine. good luck.


Like I said before, if the gear is real, it should kick in soon, and you should begin to see results like now. Are you retaining any water? what ancillaries are you using? with the amount of test you are doing, you should be experiencing some back pumps by now - you would know what I am speaking of if you had them.

And I dissagree, a first cycle ever, you should gain 15 or more lbs of muscle, if done properly. It looks to me that your doses are far more than adequate to achieve this. Normally most newbies underestimate the time it takes for gear to start giving them gains, I myself on my first cycle though my gear was bunk, untill the begining of the 4th week, when I exploded.


with 10 pounds already in 4 weeks, he is more than on his way to an easy 15-20. never siad there was a limit to what he could gain. just saying that judging by his training age and already excellent body comp, his gains may not be the same, or as noticeable as someone far less advanced. to me, that reasoning just seems logical, no matter if he is an AAS virgin or not.


sorry bro, I missed the part where he said he had already gained 10 lbs. If he hasn't used yet however, His gains could actually be more, as he will have developed more androgen receptors: more muscle = more androgen receptors therefore more potential for gains. A good example of this is Ronnie Coleman.


no prob pris.

i follow what your saying with the fresh and primed receptors. i was just thinking that maybe his advanced state may leave a little less room for those typical huge newbie gains.


perspective: i only know what ive read, heard, etc. i'm expecting something "amazing" as compared to the normal gains i make.

i can, through natural means, gain pretty quickly. 10lbs in a 4 week period isn't new to me naturally. just requires uncomfortable eating, and remaining sore almost 24/7.

hell, i was thinking once i was on gear, i could do 3 day splits again. but again, ive experienced nothing crazy at all.

i "THINK" ive experienced a greater protein efficiency, as Im not stuffing myself right before bed as Ive always done to keep weight on/gain. Im sure my gains would increase if I did that. (My own fault there)

The biggest thing here is NO STRENGTH INCREASE. since my first/last show, I realized I was over-training, and now maintain 4-5 days of rest per bodypart..with this..I ALWAYS see gains in strength every workout.

I was expecting a "wow" factor with the gear. So far the "wow" has come from.. "WOW my ass hurts from that shot!"

I'm still wondering the potency/real-ness of my attained "materials" as only when I inject the T400 do I notice a physiological reaction (a day later Im humping everything).

Currently NOT on any Clomid/Nolvadex.. I have them.. but from what Ive read they are not to be taken UNLESS you notice estrogenic issue.. which ive seen NONE. Ive not even broken out anywhere..and Im normally prone to oily skin.

Ive not noticed any abnormal bloat/water retention.

again..nothing "wow", and the 8-10lbs increase.. i attribute solely to the Appetite stimulation of the EQ...possibly a bit of a nutrient absorbtion increase.



Be patient grasshopper. BTW, I wouldn't use clomid as an anit-estrogen. In fact I hate it altogether so I dont' use it at all. I'm pretty sure you already know this but, if you get some estrogenic syptoms ie. sore, itchc nipples then use the nolva.


No strength gains at all yet? at this point now bro, it is my opinion that your gear is bunk. You should have experienced marked increases instrength and power with your weight increase of 10 lbs.

As for your training program. Keep it the exact same way as it was while natural. A chemical is not going to prevent over training issues, it may just mask them, untill after you go off cycle. You then will have too much pain to train. That is the reason many BB became addicts to nubain.