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Week 4 Boring But Big Challenge

Hi there,

Sorry if this has been asked on the forum before but just wondering what I should be doing with core lifts every 4th week on the Boring But Big 3-month Challenge Program.

Should I just go ahead with 5 x 40%, 5 x 50%, 5 x 60% or test new maxes?

Any advice appreciated!!

Do not test new maxes. Just deload.

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Thanks man, appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

I really need to revise my reading. I assumed the BBB challenge conformed to the standard deload on week 7, not week 4?


So 2 x 3-week cycles back to back then a deload?



No. The challenge which I assume is this…

…is meant to be run as written. 1 cycle. deload. 1 cycle. deload. 1 cycle. deload. Old school 5/3/1.
I’ve done it in the past and it works very well.

I thought it was two 3-week cycles then the deload, but I could be wrong. I’m looking at Beyond now and the deload is mentioned in relative detail but not the frequency. Perhaps, as the main change between the original 531 and Beyond is the frequency of the deload, Jim felt there was no need to elaborate. Maybe someone will clarify?


The challenge is the challenge. The beyond book is for other programs.

Gotcha! Yes, that’s the one I’m doing. I’m reading so many differing approaches to this challenge on various forums that I’m unsure at times where to go. Just finished week 3 and the 60% sets are coming up: I just assumed that with the change from the deload on week 4 to week 7, we should continue that in the BBB Challenge. No problem. Actually, it makes sense when you see what Jim wrote for the BBB C deload in Beyond with the minimal reduction in volume.

Thanks for the confirmation,