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Week 3 (update)

So I am half way through week three (Day 17? or 18?) and I can tell a difference.

Week one - initially better sleep. The return of MW and I cant recall consistently waking up to that in over ten years

Week one-two … Around the end of week one I got SUPER moody and just down on myself. I was bitchy, irritated and sad. That lasted about 3 maybe 4 days. Sleep was not good during this stretch

Week two-three … so the majority of week two was Ok. No moodiness. No irritability. Sleep was kinda normal. One night of insomnia.

Today and Yesterday I feel like the sun has come out after a very long dreary rainy week. I am quick to smile, I feel like I have better focus, my libido has ticked up a notch yet it is nowhere close to where i want it but it was so low before anything is nice … I feel more patient and overall a more pleasant person to be around.

I have been keeping a log via Penzu where i jot down how things are going on that day… mostly subjective stuff (optimism, libido, motivation, focus, energy, procrastination) and list them out 1 - 10 so i can “track” my progress …might be dorky but i think it will show a steady increase as I rejoin the world of the living.

Its kind of funny to look back over the last 12 - 15 years and only now realize that I let myself drift into this state of overall unhappiness. I havent really had a strong libido in a decade and combine that with poor sleep and energy and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of how i went about my day on a daily basis. I understand why doctors have tried to give me SSRis before as i know i wasnt a “happy” person … i wish they would have checked my hormone levels back then. This seems to be doing the trick

Just an update. Appreciate all the feedback from the forum

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