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Week 3 TRT: Strong Heartbeats, Tightness in Chest

Quick rundown, 38YO 6’1" 215…low T (obviously), low thyroid, high cortisol, etc. Dr. Has me on 200/week Test Cyp (100/2x a week injections).

I’ve noticed my heart beat is more noticeable and when I try to sleep I feel like a tightness in sternum area and usually inner left chest along the sternum…feels better when I put pressure on it but obviously cant do that all night. Because of this, I’m getting anxious and trouble sleeping because I feel my heart pump and wakes me like I thought it stopped.

Havent gotten to check blood pressure but resting heart rate was averaging 70bpm (taken each time I was having those feelings). I dont know if this is just my body getting used to the Test and Thyroid meds or what. Any insight will be helpful. I’ve probably been used to feeling like crap for so long, my body is wondering what’s going on…at least that’s what I hope it is …Thanks again men

Heart rate jumped and it’s more prounced for me as well. Your healthier. A healthy heart equals a healthy man. For me it was thyroid that seemed to of increased the heart thump.

As long as heart rate, BP, and no history of heart issues in family I wouldn’t bother.

Next boood Test look at HCT, rbc and hemoglobin.

Otherwise your having the same experience as me. Body will adapt. Don’t be scared of a hormone your body is craving.

How low t were you?

Thyroid meds did this to me more than TRT. It levels out. Your entire body is stabilizing and getting used to the change.

Thanks gentlemen, my T was 400 this time…few years back was 326 when I saw my primary care physician about it…out me on cream, got to 409 and took away cream because I was “Within normal range”

This time, saw an anti-aging doctor…said yeah, low end of the normal range…and he checked all the other levels in my body the PCP didnt (thyroid, cortisol, etc ) long story short, all levels were off.

No family history if heart disease, bpm normal, BP normal last checked (3 weeks ago). Called the Dr. Office just now, waiting to hear back. Your responses help ease my mind though. Felt it may be an adjustment but good to hear others had same experience and what to expect

What is your free t. Going off total isn’t helpful. If you do not optimize free t to upper normal ranges you’ll never benefit from T.

I recently heard that there are docs who say low T causes thyroid issues. More T helps the thyroid perform better. Sometimes not always.

You are working with docs who have no real clue what they are doing if they are reporting on total only and gauging your therapy off levell not how you feel.

Anlegit trt doc would never keep you at 400. Normal someone in 1-1200 sometimes 800 + total can reach a strong free t level. There’s no doubt men will not feel good at a low level.

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Your Dr put you on cream then took it away because you tested in range while using the cream?

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Enackers, yeah my old Doc was terrible…new one was extremely thorough and checked everything…offhand I dont remember all my numbers but they were all way out of range.

Jimmy401, yes my old Doc did that…big reason why I went to someone different this time.

Spoke my buddy who referred me and several others that all go to same Doc… said essentially some people have different responses…some get very tired in first few weeks, some get what I have…seems to be my body just adjusting to it all…I have been spending more time focusing on how I feel and seems the symptoms are more pronounced when I’m laying down…when I’m up and going, it’s not a problem…I continue to monitor and see what Doc says on callback

My first three months sucked. I had a couple days of yay this is awesome and then back to hell. Fatigue and mental fog.

Around month three I started the thyorid and fatigue dissipated. A month later (now) well it’s been a few weeks , and my labido energy and zest for life is ten fold better than it has been in 10 years. Muscle growth. Sleeping better. Better labido. Digesting better. Just feel great. I knew it was going to happen but not in a short period thanks to the guys here.

It’s hard when your in the starting phase, but it gets better. Stay focused and determined to heal. It will happen.

Did you start thyroid. What are all the meds he put you on ?

I’m on Scrotul cream; compound dedicated thyroid t4/t3… vitamin d, dhea, pregnalone.

Probably will just take. Little bit for your body to adjust. Maybe you need to come down a little bit in your dose or break it up to more frequent shots. My first 3 weeks i used gel and i felt mentally impaired for about 10 days to the point that i was making all kinds of mistakes at work and had to step back and have someone take over my responsibilities for a bit. Once i started injections I felt like I only had to sleep a couple hours a night. Eventually that went away and i have been sleeping decent for a father of 3 that has a 2 year old and 9 month old sleeping in my room waking up all night. Still have endless amounts of energy tho. Hang in there things will get much better.

Man, can i have a referral of your new anti aging doc pleas? Im having trouble to find the right doc.

Your dosage is on the high end for weekly doses, hope your doctor considered all biomarkers before initiating TRT, most have a default protocol they give to everyone. It’s common for those starting out on TRT or long time users to experience hormonal fluctuations after changing the dosages which forces the body to adapt and takes 6 weeks for things to calm down, so for 3 more weeks your levels, heart rates, blood pressure will be fluctuating.

I’m experiencing everything you are, strong heart beats at times and tightness in the chest (peaks at night) because I increased my dosage a week ago, been on TRT for over 2 years.

Yes it is dr. Keith Nichols he’s a private Trt specialist our of Chattanooga TN. I used him after a failed attempt. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason let me know I can give you two or three more names.

Where are you located?


Keith Nichols, MD
Tier 1 Health and Wellness
2120 Northgate Park Lane
Chattanooga, TN 37415


Brother I feel for you. It’s hard when they are young, but I do have a small tidbit of advice for you. At 9 months old, unless there are some underlying medical issues, your kid should be sleeping all night.

Put them in their own rooms and let them cry for a couple nights. They’ll get the picture. Get a video monitor if you want peace of mind that they are safe.

Not trying to get in your business, but your post resonated with me because I have two boys that are now grown. I wanted to check on them every time I heard a whimper. Luckily, my wife knew what she was doing and made me let them cry a bit. She had both of my boys on regular schedules very quickly.

My TT is in the 600’s and my Free T is 19.5 at trough on a scale to 21.

To the op…
Total doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of TRT. 200mg / week is a little high for a starting dose, but I won’t say that it’s too high because we don’t have any blood work to go by. It’s entirely individual. Strong heartbeats are very common when adjusting to any change in protocol. As others have said, 6-8 weeks is the minimum amount of time for stabilization, and some very good docs suggest up to 3 months.

The anxiety is more than likely estrogen related, but will level off once stabilized. If it gets too unbearable, go to your local gnc and get a bottle of Nugenix estro regulator. It contains 100mg DIM that will help level out E2 during your fluctuating adaption period. Did wonders for me.

If your E2 is trying to stabilize too high, the DIM will not do much and this may be an indication that your TRT dose is just too high. On the other hand, if E2 is trying to stabilize at a normal level (and by normal I mean in relation to your free T, not a specific number), and is just going crazy while you are adapting, the DIM works great and doesn’t really pose as much of a crash hazard.

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I’m in a tough situation we are in a 2 bedroom apartment I rent from my father while I save for a house. Ex wife destroyed my credit. I have enough for a down payment and a cushion but still working my credit up. My 8 year old has the other room so I dont want her kept up all night. The 2 year old might be moving in there soon however.

Are you in the NJ/Pa. area?

Damn brother it sounds like you’ve been through it!!

With all you’ve got goin on man, I would imagine that not getting sleep is only magnifying your problem. Sorry to hear about your situation brother.

In the spirit of trying to be helpful, you could try this…

Put the 2yo in with the older one. Get one of those (or you may already have one) play pens that break down to a small travel case, and set that up in the living area. Let the baby use that for a make shift bedroom at night for the time being.

You have my respect brother. Any man trying to provide for his family, and raise 3 kids alone, is setting the bar of manhood pretty damn high in my opinion.

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Oh no I’m remarried. Met my current wife right after she gave birth to our 2 year old. Bio dad was an idoit and split never even met her. So i have been dad since she was like a month old. But i was raising my oldest alone for a while. Ex wife is borderline personality, there are about 1 million stories that come along with that. But things are actually pretty good. My 8 year old sees the x like twice a month and basically considers my wife her mother. I the only good thing is that i am able to fall asleep in less than a minute so when i have to get up for bottles diapers or kids who want to climb into bed im usually able to knock back out fast.

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Yeah my guy is in NJ. I must also recommend Titan Medical out of Florida. Buddy of mine in Pa. Uses them with great success. Online consulting, bloodwork, the whole bit. If my current doctor wasnt so good, they were next I was going to.