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Week 3 of Cycle, Adex Question

Hey guys, thanks in advance for your answers.

I started my first cycle 3 weeks ago. Some of you guys answered me some questions in the past (thanks!).

It’s a “basic” cycle T cyp 500mg a week, for 10 weeks, with 0.25mg Adex EOD and 250 IU hcg (I started this week my first injection), and have plenty of nolva for PCT,wanted to do 40/40/20/20…

My goals are to gain 10lbs of lean muscle, I’m already kind of a big guy, 250ish lbs, 6’0, I play rugby in my country and I’m going for a big lean type of body,not interested in being so ripped or veiny, but want to show some muscles,

Anyways…so far so good, Workouts are better, pumps are great, recovery is great (I feel that I can go to the gym everyday), endurance and strenght are up, libido is over the roof, no injection pain whatsover…haven’t seen any big weight gains yet, but I just finished week 2 so I’ll be patient…so my questions are:

  1. The only side effect I’ve notice, is that my face looks kind of bloated, so I was thinking to go up on the Adex to 0.5 E3D, any thoughts about this? so instead of 1mg of adex a week, it will be 1.5mg aprox a week…

  2. Some of friends that have done cycles are telling me that 10 weeks is to short for a big guy like me, should I extend the lenght of my cycle to 12 weeks perhaps?

  3. Hcg doing 250 IU twice a week, when should I stop it?, I found two different versions, the same day of my last Test injection or 1 week before PCT starts…any thoughts?,

Thanks so much for your answers, I will definetely put more info later on how is the cycle going for newbies like me…

  1. You could try that and see if that helps.

  2. 10 weeks is plenty of time but there’s nothing wrong with 12 weeks. If at 10 weeks your still making good gains I would push it out to 12

  3. I would stop the hcg 4-5 days before the start of pct