Week 2 Stronglifts 5x5 Squat Form Check

I am completely new to weight training. I am following the Stronglifts 5x5 program. This is my fourth day of squats. I have read a number of articles and been watching some of the other form checks. I am a tall guy. I find a shoulder width stance to be the most natural and have my toes pointed outward.

My elbows are too far back. I have adjusted my grip and made it closer, but for some reason I did not go as deep for that set. I am using 25lb weights for my heels. I have ordered proper shoes. My upper back has a pronounced curve, as I go deeper it looks like I am losing form.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

25lb weights are pretty thick lol. Most people use 5s or 2.5s. Try driving your elbows down and forward by flexing your lats. Not much I can say since there seems to be a number of issues, so upload a video.

Here is the link.