Week 11 of GJF, 'Peaking', Still Underfed

What is about 11week and diet program ?

Coach, you mentioned:
“In fact first (11) week is all about surcompensation: lots of rest, lots of food… lots of growing!”

lots of rest - ok
but lots of food and growing?!

I calculated, when im between 185-225lbs, i will intake, in training day, only:
290g protein
250g carbs (around 150g from fruit + 40from Surge + 60 for low glycemic carbs)
0g fat
= 2150kcl ?

i will still underfed!

Can anyone explain me what is going on?

you need fat! 0 g of fat is very stupid… eat 70 grams of fat per day.

The point is to carb up. And you will actually be taking in more calories than that since he recommends 20g of fish oil per day, a small pre workout shake. And more than likely will get some carry over fat from protein sources.