Week 1 Labs


Test Cyp - 750mg/week
HGH - 6iu daily
Clen - changed to 6 week concurrent cycle using 2g Keto on day 15+ 40,60,80,100mcg
T3 - 50,75,100,50,25,12.5mcg

I am finishing up week 1 and did labs Friday. I was hoping KSMan could look and answer a couple questions.

HGB - 16 14-17.1
IGF-1 756 101-267
Triglycerides - 91 <=149
CHO, total - 164 <200
HDL - 32 >60
LDL - 119 <100
RBC - 6.20 4.70-5.90
TSH - 1.709 0.350-5.500
T4,free - 1.00 0.89-1.76
T4,Total - 6.3 4.5-10.9
T3,free - 6.9 2.3-4.2

I went with you advice KSMan and am not doing the calorie deficit but I notice my HDL is low. Advice on getting that up? Cardio x5 days a week and my diet is dialed in. You mentioned Cholesterol as something to watch and I am. I also cut back the clen and T3 portion of the cycle to 6 weeks. I might continue to run Test and of course HGH is long term.

Any other labs I am missing that I should add each Friday? If you dont mind I will post each time. I appreciate the feedback.

CHO, total - 164
That is too low. Try to eat more fats. 160 and below is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Cholesterol is the foundation for pregnenolone, dhea, cortisol, VitD3 production, cellular structure and other hormones.

HDL may be low because of lack of fats too.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
Are you iodine deficient? Sea salt does not count, and not pink and not Himalayan and not Celtic

Please use [edit] in lower HR corner above and add lab ranges.

I added the ranges to the above post.

I am doubling my fish oil intake, add flax seed daily and will add some almonds as well and try to go heavy fatty fish meals atleast once daily. Anything else you can think of that would benefit fat intake outside what I listed?

I am not sure on the Iodine. Is there a test I could take? Hopefully the fat intake with fix HDL.

Some bacon and eggs would help.

Whats in you salt shaker?

T4 and fT4 are a bit low, fT3 doing that, not concerned.

Your lower T4 numbers may be leading to an increased TSH number as the negative feedback of T4, fT4 are reduced.

RBC - 6.20 4.70-5.90
Your hematocrit may be high as well. Blood can get too thick, blood pressure can increase and micro circulation can be reduced.
Do hematocrit labs later as this may increase with time.
High hematocrit is a risk for some TRT guys taking 100mg T/week.

Bacon and eggs I can do!!

I do have T4 on hand should I take that with T3? I have done TRT for a year now and I am very prone to thickening of the blood. I give blood every 2 months to help but numbers still get high.

regular salt is but I dont really use salt at all. If there is something I should be using then let me know and I will.

Thanks again for the help. I was hoping this cycle would go smooth but I had my concerns. So far so good but the dosage isnt very high yet. I will take labs this friday and post. I will also add Hemo.

Take a high potency B complex multi-vit that lists iodine, selenium and other trace elements.
-and with zero iron
-B vits will help with HDL

Fish oil and mini aspirin will help with circulation.
You need to avoid liver and kidney damage.