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Weed's effect on training

Obvioulsy the real reason pot is illegal is because the gov. can’t control like liquor. You can grow all you need in your back yard or basement and they can’t make money from that. WAKE UP!
As far as training is concerned; does a dube now and then have any effect on building muscle while on or off roids? Arnold puffed in pumping iron.

I know it always makes my achey joints feel alot better. I always smoked at the end of the day so i don’t think it affected my workouts. As far as Arnold goes he puffed after he won the show - you know the scene - Arnold laying on the couch with a Glass of wine in the right hand, a lit joint in the other, and a plate of fried chicken in his lap.

Yes, it does. It was found in a study (1960’s) that short-term use (4 weeks) of hashish (no significant correlation to frequency or dose of use) significantly reduced testosterone levels in both heavy and mild users. The decreased was, I think, 11 and 8 percent , respectively.

Yeah I would TOTALLY trust a government study that was done in the 50s…LMAO at that one, sorry but I know a ton of guys that habitually smoke pot and they are huge. Just don’t make a habit of doing it all the time, it is a drug like any other and can have a negative effect on your life if you abuse it.

I pretty much burn one every night before i go to bed, and have been for years. i have everything going for me as far as employment and a personnal life also. My wife always ask me how i can be so anal about my diet and nutrition and then turn aroung and smoke a joint. I myself never drink, in fact the only thing i drink other than shakes is water, and coffee, nor do i want to. I’m very into fitness and a health lifestyle, but i guess i just love a joint. I may has had an effect on me, as far as my health does, but i feel sure that those little THC molecuels hitching a ride on the ammino acids in my blood stream everynight around 10:00 pm is certainly better than that hamburger and fries or six pack of beer some people have. God put it here of a reason…it has not been altered by man like pretty much everything else we put into our body’s, not that that make it good for you…
i’m just saying that i depends on the person.

Not altered??? Okay, unless you grow your own stuff then I would seriously think of all of the pesticides that have been sprayed on that shit b4 you smoke it…especially if your buds came from south america, and chances are they did get some contaminants…but who cares, as long as I have my gravity bong it’s all good(hint…grow your own but don’t get caught!).

I totally agree with you on the gov. issue…If they can’t
tax it, they demonize it and criminalize it!..On a funnier
note, I called my friend Mike yesterday to see if he was
going to meet me at Golds …Mike was having a personal
crisis. He was in the middle of weighing the benifits: “Should
I torch up this ‘fatty’ or meet Joey Z . at the gym?” Well, I
haven’t heard from him since!

DanK, who the FUCK said that it was a government study? I’d agree that there were flaws in the study conclusions, as it was not specified what exactly “mild” use and “heavy” use was, but otherwise, it seemed to be a valid study. Also, short-term use seemed to have a stimulating effect on sex, with both the sympathetic and parasympathetc portions of it, but that was simply an opinion poll post-study.

Any input from one of the big guys (Berardi/Shugart/Brock,etc.)? I’d like to hear input from some nutritionists,etc. Does smoking really cause gyno? What are other side effects? Thanks guys

Not only do I feel that it doesn’t hurt, but that it helps me. A puff or to before training and generally I have a great work out. I find it particularly useful for maxing…Really helps me hit the zone. I wouldn’t do it everytime, but once or twice a week before lifting works. At night with a little sports center I find quite enjoyable.

for muscle, no it does not affect it. It COULD screw things up with your CNS adaptation an all if you were like a strength athlete like an elite OLer. The Testosterone studies and the Estrogen studies have not been continually replicated, so there is currently no strong validity with that. currently Washington and Oregon have debated ways to sell weed. Oregon licences its alcohol from government approved liquor distribution, and toyed with selling weed through there. If it were sold cheap enough, and taxed moderately, and people had to have a permit to grow (like pay a good size licensing fee) it could be profitable. People can grow tobacco and brew beer, and those things need licenses to an extent, but even then most people are lazy.

first if it caused an 8 or 11% decrease I don’t think anyone would ever notice that little of a change and the test release while training would more than make up for a joint or two a day. also was it FREE test or just test levels? hell if you are that anal about such a little change you had better not be a sports fan ‘cause when your teem looses you will have a bigger drop than that. if ya’ like puffing a little than go ahead (I do). and I don’t think it illegal because the gov. can’t make money on it I think it is illegal because they DO make money on it. peace

Just keeping this one alive for the experts. Anyone?

It all depends on how often you smoke. If you are a habitual user, yes, I believe that it can harm your health and endocrine profile. Whether it actually affects your overall muscle growth, no one can really say but since Im kind of a “wholistic” type of guy who believes that your overall health can in one way or another impact your training progress, I tend to think that habitual use may harm your progress. Unfortunately, I dont think anyone will ever do a study examining the effects of 12 weeks of weed on body comp so we will never know for sure. However my main problem with smoking is that you dont make the best decisions when high (training, eating, etc.) So although it may produce minimal direct negative physiological effects, people get high, eat shitty food, dont sleep well, and skip workouts.

With that said, occasional use probably wont do a darned thing to ya except make you giggle a little and take some stress away. There's "this guy I once knew" who was a high stress individual in University. He smoked a couple (2-3) times a month and nothing (training, blood profiles, mental state) ever suffered. This "guy I knew" doesnt smoke now but never-the-less, doesnt think an occasional joint can hurt you too badly and if you are a stressed out person, the occasional joint may do you some good as you probably wont think about your stressors too often while you are flying high.

Just dont fool yourself into thinking that daily use is occasional. When saying occasional, Im talking a couple times a month. Every weekend is still probably too much.

Just my opinion.

i have heard of MD6 before tokes can really shutdown the munchies. I havent tried it yet, but you might want to mention it to that guy you used to know in college.

Thanks JMB - your info as always is appreciated.