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this may sound stupid, but how does it affect you while training. Meaning if you worked out than smoked, what are the negatives? Does it hurt your progress? and if so by how much. Im not a huge pothead or anything, just curious.


please just do a search on the topic, this has been discussed so many times before


Please do NOT do a search on this topic...unless you get high first.


confucious say;

"Man who stands on toilet to inject must be high on pot"


Is there some sort of ghost in the T-Nation machine that kicks this question up every three friggin' weeks?

Don't dull your senses and slow your reaction time before hoisting large, blunt objects over your head. Especially if you're standing anywhere near me.


Has anyone heard of this new supplement called "creatine". I know some of you may not have heard of it, and I am sure that I am the first to ever ask a question on it so I avoided looking this topic up in the search engine because of how cutting edge I am. So, if anyone knows anything about "creatine", could you let me know if I have to lift weights or can I gain muscle without those thing? Dumbbells make my hands hurt and I get blisters.


Seriously we need something like that paperclip in microsoft word that pops up whenever someone starts typing 'how will weed/alcohol/heroin affect my training.'

"Hey there! It looks like you're typing a retarded question!"


not during/before, after. thanks.


Creatine will give you roid rage and and you will gain nothing but water, rendering anybody that takes it an angry bag of jello. Stack NO2 with it to become fizzy.

Thats what killed Mikey, not the pop rocks and pepsi.


To echo the rest: USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. There are several threads about it. But to summerize, it doesn't help in any way, shape or form. Negatives are weakness, severe munchies, and sleepiness.


ok thanks, you can all shutup now.


But...but, we're just getting started!! Damn it, I didn't even get to use "bong" in a joke.


damn im gonna have to get syringes for my roids and my creatine now....


And I heard that it was really good for your T levels to masturbate right before working out, but not allow yourself to cum. All the frustration and built up jizm will make you super strong in the gym!


Oh I really, really like this idea.


no no no, u should smoke a joint while injecting creatine in your eye and jacking off, do this right outside the gym door. that way you don't lose your pump. or i could just hit you in the head with a bag of fermented rooster testes, it has same anabolic effects.


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Bong who?
... what?
Bong who?
Bong who, motherfucker?
Dude... you need to chill the fuck out, man.


Havent read all this so I will just add my 2cc.

The question of weither you smoke pot is one of the first questions a specialist will ask if you are diagnosed with Low T. It has been shown to have a direct linkn to low T-Levels.

So I'd bet a having a Habit of sparking one up daily is Not the best physique idea.


i smoke weed every day, before and after i work out. but i have been smoking for over 12 years. it probably does not effect me like most people, it helps with my anger issues, or maybe i smoke more so i can stay calm and work more, so i can smoke more, so i can stay calm and work.....hey wait a minute, is there some kind of pattern here? your right, i probably just need to smoke more.


according to some studies i just read about. if u believe what u read. they said that there was no link to lower t levels and marijuana smokeing. i think it may have even said the opposite, but don't quote me. i will see if i can find it, so i can quote it. i thought it was in muscular dev. mag. a couple issues ago. i will look