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Weed Users?


Ok i've read the thread about cocaine and was wondering how many people smoke and lift?

I want to get highhh, soooo highhhh :stuck_out_tongue:


I was never a fan of smoking then lifting. Lifting then smoking though.


Lift first, then toke up. I've been smoking for a good 3 years now, yet everytime I toke up before I lift I just mess it up. There's more focus, but less raw power output.

I just lift, blaze up and raid the fridge.


Please learn to search for this shit, there have been about 50 fucking threads of this. I dont give a rats ass if you fuck up your life with weed, but why the need to get on a adult website about the pursuit of muscle. Isnt there like a "pursuit of more weed life" "I am a loser and I want to talk to loser friends who smoke" website.


I don't smoke weed anymore but i was just asking if anyone smokes weed aswel as lifts not smokes weed then lifts, thats daft lool.

Yes i will use the search function from now on and i apoligise for that but i'm fairly new here and not aware of the rules etc.

If you notice there is a thread on coke aswel, why not post in there and tell them how pathetic they all are? Oh wait they're bigger and stronger than you :stuck_out_tongue:

And for the record i'm not fat- jus big bonded my friend ha


DJHT = awesome.