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Weed / M / Tribex

Hi, I have a quick question about using tribex and M to counteract the effects of smoking Marijuana prior to my grappling / Jiu Jitsu work outs.

Its common where I am for grapplers to smoke before training to loosen up the mental processes. It helps ‘flow’ and makes the sport even more fun. Lately, we’ve been smoking a LOT MORE (3x / week) for this reason. I’ve been taking M for the past month.

  1. Is M alone better than tribex w/ M? Just picked up 2 bottles of each.

  2. What can this stack do to offset the mary jane?

Regards, TW

Ever try PowerDrive?

are you serious?

I’ve heard that if you mix the weed with 2 parts Jim Beam, one part M, and a shot of tribex, then rectally blast it, you not only get high, but you preserve muscle mass.

Where is this common? Do you live in Jamaica or something?

If I was high I wouldn’t want to move off the couch.

I think you’re on the wrong site.

Sounds like an excuse to smoke some weed.

I’d reccomend Deadlifts.

I’m with Greekdawg, you can never go wrong with deadlifts. . .

Smoking weed before grappling eh? I only wish my opponents had tried that back when I competed. It would have been sooooo much easier to win . . .


I am thinking about powerdrive, thanks for the recommendation.

I have not performed many dead lifts, but I’m going to give it a shot if its a T booster… prior or after? morning or night? I’ll look this up in the forums…

Sorry to all who belive I’m on the wrong site. I just don’t trust anyone else’s opinions on this subject.

I have grappled many times w/o smoking weed. I realize physically its no contest for obvious reasons but when ‘stoned’ most people agree they learn more. I don’t compete so winning isn’t really as important as learning from the tap.

Looking for information on estrogen buildup specifically from mary jane, any thoughts?

Regards, TW

The negative effects of weed can be counteracted with crack.

I have a biochemist friend who knew a person who combined marijuana and seaweed. He grew it in his fish tank.

Ok, I’ll be serious now. I used to be a pothead. An absolute, lazy ass, no ambition pothead. I was a pothead and I really don’t like drugs ironically, I don’t even drink. I have done it before but I hate it, can’t stand it, and don’t know why or how people can enjoy drinking. I see many benefits to the use of pot for many many different illness’s. I used to smoke every time I went snowboarding as it loosened me up, made me feel much warmer, and enabled me to focus on what I was doing. After a while though, even at that time still being a pothead, I found that I performed much better without it. Once the fluidity was established pot only hindered my reaction time and actually limited my creative thinking. So I woke up- pot and athletic activity don’t go together. I’ll still smoke it on rare occasions for fun or, if I have food posioning/bad migraine. Otherwise I have no use for it. When I stopped smoking regularly I noticed a few interesting things happen. First off my DOMS came on a lot faster and left a lot faster. Secondly my sex drive and level of agitation went up significantly. I have high natural levels of T but dropping pot really blew them through the roof at first. The spike after the first week of quiting made me a ridiculously horny asshole. Next the neuro-muscular development became much more controlled. I could force through plateaus because I was able to drive the muscle more than during the use of pot. I can kind of see what you are up to as pot does in fact reduce muscular tension (spasticity), that’s why its so useful in parkinsons patients. This could enable you to be more fluid in grappleing techniques and possibly reduce likelyhood of injury. But I gaurentee you will out grow it, find that you can control the fluidness yourself without it, and progress a lot faster without pot. I’m not saying you need to call it satan and drop it altogether but I do think it will hold you back until you can make it an ocassional party thing or limited medication. Goodluck!

You may also want to try deadlifts while brushing your teeth or before and after meals.

Okay, here’s the solution:

Deadlifting with a stripper.


Does anyone feel if you smoke weed regularly 4-5 times a week, that using M would make a difference. Is smoking weed that bad for a bodybuilder. No I’m not going to say Arnold did it. (He did)

Imagine weed and massive eating. Actually, weed would create massive eating, whether you intend it or not, but wow, I could finally swallow all 7000 calories and not vomit, plus be high as a kite and giggle like a little girl.

Thanks for the responses - you guys are harsh as HELL!

RS, if you spiked up agression levels and sex drive after quitting ‘pot’ is that enough to say it killed T levels?

I think the flow I got the first two weeks is fading fast. I barely notice it now once we start rolling. downgrading receptors? haha.


You are an idiot!!! If you can’t relax its too much anxiety or nervous tension preventing you from entering a flow. Try learning some chinese meditation (maybe Qi-Gong) it will help you relax and give you untapped power at the same time - the mind is a very powerful thing!!! Enhance its abilities instead of destroying it!!!

No, it didn’t kill t-levels but it did drop them a bit.