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Weed Legalization


i want to know how many agree with me and think weed should be once again legalized?


I personally think the right to ones on body is the most basic right so yes.


It was legal before? where was I?
Should be legal though.




early 1900s is when the american people started losing those rights to their own body.


Oh. I can see how I might have missed this. thanks.


I think the commercial for legalizing marijuana is funny, weed smokers want to pay their share of taxes LOL. I think that one will get laughed right out of court.


Hell no.

Right now it is cheap and readily available.

Everything a government touches turns to shit.

Governments are the ant-Midas.


I want to pay taxes on my weed :slight_smile:


I think pretty much all drugs should be legal, and just regulated.

If tobacco is 100% legal and kills over 400 thousand people a year, even those that don't directly ingest tobacco products, then there is little reason to keep other drugs illegal. It's completely fucked up IMO.


This question has been asked a lot of times on the board, and pretty much everyone thinks it should be legal.


Weed costs more than gold per gram as it is. Government regulation can only make it cheaper, provided they don't get over zealous with taxing.


There is more $$ to be made from the futile "war on drugs" than any legalization could reap in tax dollars. This so called war feeds the cop machine that feeds many other support industries.



But I know what they were suggesting as taxes in Switzerland.

At that prize they would have taxed it more than it costs now.

If you look at alcohol and tobacco most of the price is taxes.


Not literally speaking true, but still expensive enough that I would prefer to grow my own. All that of course is in the realms of fantasy.


Wait, what? Free markets make things cheaper. Government intervention makes them more expensive (or displaces the costs elsewhere).


It's not really a free market. I've seen some pretty crazy prices recently. 20 a gram is just a stupid price to pay with the risks of buying, and I doubt it would be more than that under government regulation. So you might not save money but you save getting arrested.


Couldn't this same logic be used for all drugs?


Yes it could. But due to the much lower social harm from cannabis than from basically any other commonly used psychoactive drug (other than caffeine) it seems cannabis has a special position calling for the end of its prohibition.


Agreed. However, wouldn't cocaine also have pretty low social harm? It's not mind-altering.