weed in 7th!

i caught three 7th graders getting high in the boys bathroom during their 5 min break in between classes. they walked into class after the break smelling like mdog after a night on the town.

anyhow, using my investigative skills that i developed at the prestigious stanislaus state university, i began sniffing around the room to determine who the culprits were. i sniffed out three boys and called them outside individually. they quickly admitted to me what they did because it was too obvious to deny. i thought about what i was going to do with them for a while and decided to take them all down to the principal and let him deal with it.

i felt really bad about turning them in and i didnt really want to do it, but i felt it was my only choice. what would you guys have done? call their parents and leave the administration out of it? rip them a new asshole? or let the principal deal with it?

i would hate for them to get expelled or arrested for a simple mistake that most of us has probably made. then again if i didnt turn them in they would laugh all the way home and do it again. your thoughts?

When I was in 7th grade, there were kids that were smoking pot. Its likely that their admission would have had them pretty scared, especially if you had threatened to either call their parents or inform the administration. I know if a teacher had caught me doing anything and threatened to call my parents, I would have been shitting bricks for a couple of days whether they called or not.

If they admitted it, it was probably already a done deal.

You did what you thought was right, why are you looking for validation? If it was me, I’m not sure what I would have done; depends on the perception of my threat to them. I probably would have given them another chance. Besides, kids need something the laugh about on the way home.

“Holy shit, we almost got busted! I was soooo scared! I’m glad Mr. P-Dog gave us another chance. I’m not going to do that again!”

Ahh… faith in the system. The rule of law without understanding is the reason why people continually want to express their freedoms any way they can. These kids were smoking pot because everyone else was telling them not to; now they get to learn how to submit.

You did the right thing.

You;re a fucking teacher. I feel sorry for all the kids in California. Do you teach the kids to fuck as much pussy as they can??

You should have taken their stash. You know, for their own safety and all.

You did the right thing. School is not the place to be smoking up and 7th grade is too young to start.

I smoked pot when I was in 7th grade, and you definitely did the right thing. The earlier they start the more likely it is they will continue throughout their lives. The guys I knew haven’t stopped since. If I would have gotten caught like that it would have stopped me. If I was given another chance I would probably laugh it off and hit the bong with my friends that night to “celebrate” getting away with it.

haha when i was in 11th grade i got caught with a decent sized bag of weed when i was in the parking lot between classes and a teacher just happened to be walking around. the fucker took my shit and said he was gonna report me to the principal but he didn’t bother to get my name or the plate number on my car, and i never got in any trouble for it so i guess he just smoked it. you did a good thing tho, it saddens me when i see kids use that shit at such an early age

its hard for me sometimes to turn kids in or be “mean” to them because i was pretty much a punk kid myself. so i know how they feel and what theyre going through.

dont get me wrong though, i never smoked weed in the 7th grade. it was at least the 8th before i started tokin lol. but i surely wasnt stupid enough to do it at school.

the sad thing is they will be suspended and probably sit at home for three days playing video games and smoking trees, because their parents dont give a shit. thats the problem i have with suspension. yes they need to be punished, but missing class sure isnt going to help in the long run. it is definitely a touchy situation.

mdog recommended that i confiscate the stash and give it to him. unfortunatley all they had was a 1/4 inch roach.

I think you did the right thing because it happened during school. I catch kids with weed a lot off school grounds and And if it’s just a joint that shit just gets stomped. I think it’ll be legal soon anyway.

So when is the correct age to start using drugs? 18? 21? I was a good kid and didn’t really do much of anything until I was 18 so I think I would have been shitting bricks for a week if I had gotten caught doing something like that. Perhaps times have changed and these kids are ruffians.

Yeah, but were they dry-humping anything?

j/k :wink: You did the right thing. I’ve never known anyone who wishes they (or their kids) would’ve started smoking pot earlier or at a younger age.

You can be their friend, or their teacher, but you can’t be both. And it’s not your job to be their friend. I’ve busted a number of kids for similar things. Each time I was confronted with “Why can’t you just be cool about it? You know that you did it too!” First, no, I didn’t, and second, I don’t base my actions on what a group of adolescents think is “cool”. What I always told them was that I was busting them not only for what it was they were doing, but also for being stupid enough to think they could get away with it. I see kids all the time who are given breaks, and it hasn’t doen a thing for them but give them the feeling that they can do as they please. You did the right thing, don’t even bother sweating this.

You did the right thing. BTW how are the kids grades? Just curious.

You definitely did the right thing. Hopefully the administration contacted their parents. From there, it’s their parents’ call.

18 is a good age to start smoking dope, but not 7th grade. Definitely not if you are 18 and still in 7th grade.

That’s good advice steely.

Once you let the kids know that you knew, you had to. If one of the kids said you let them off and it got out, you’ld be totally screwed. Look at it this way, you probably scared one into quitting, one into doing it less and one into being smarter about it. Now pardon me while I go twist one up…

i smoke pot, and i have to say, i would do the same thing you did, my little brother is in 7th grade, and that is FAR TOO YOUNG to be smoking pot let alone smoking tobbacco or drinking. Your body and mind are maturing and you need to have certain experience at that age and be building skills and what have you, plus i highly doubt there are very many 7th graders who can responibly smoke weed, and doing it during or before school is highly inappropriate. It was best you sent them down, you could have gotten in trouble if you were talking to em and let them off with a warning, and it would be bad to ignore it at their age. Don’t feel bad man, and im a toker of herb and im saying you did the right thing

“hey hey hey hey smoke weed in 7th grade”. nate dogg

btw groveless toke, p-dog is a sub teacher, not around them enough to do any real harm.